TS Teachers Online Data Entry & Update Student Info at Schooledu.telangana.gov.in

Telangana Online Teachers Data Entry & Update through ISMS login, Student info, cce, TS Online Teachers Data Updation 2024 at Schooledu portal 2024 at https://schooledu.telangana.gov.in/ISMS/

TS Teachers Data Entry 2024

Telangana teachers are required to verify and make modifications to the data using the schooledu online portal. The school heads and deputy’s heads are to use the portal and update data for all their staff teachers as per UDISE. The Telangana state government school official has given the strict order of teachers and head of school to enter their data online.

The teachers are to follow the simple steps on the official website. The information is saved in the portal for the government to have current updates. The process will help the government to release the monthly salary from the current month of update. It also helps prepare the online teacher’s information service register.


Services provided in the online platform

Teachers can utilize the said platform to get different services that offer education benefits and information.

  • Through the portal, you can edit, update your online data using the SSA child information website in the Telangana state.
  • Enter the online data using the online teacher’s portal and submit the personal detail directly.
  • Teachers will receive important information about the education system from the same website.
  • The links are present all government requests and reports.



Telangana Teachers Online Data Entry & Update

Steps to edit and update data online at schooledu portal. The process is given in simple steps, Which provide clear guidance on what to enter the schooledu gov in portal.

  1. Visit the official website page “https://schooledu.telangana.gov.in/ISMS/”
  2. On the homepage
  3. Go to the online service menu and select the teacher’s edit service outside. 
  4. Now enter your mobile number and teacher’s ID
  5. The system will send an OTP to your mobile number, use the OTP on the space provided and proceed.
  6. On entering the OTP number
  7. The teacher’s data will show on the screen.
  8. Recheck all details and check on the already given information
  9. in case the system requires more information to edit the existing one and provide recent details

Personal Details to Provide at the TS Teachers Data Entry 2024 Online Portal

The Telangana government requires teachers and school heads to provide informative personal and educational information.

Personal Details

  • The teacher should give full names
  • The treasury code
  • Date of birth.
  • Your district and Mandal
  • Revenue village
  • The current school you’re working on today.
  • The gender
  • Designation
  • The joining date.
  • Religion also applies in the data entry example Hindi community.
  • Provide details about your Aadhaar number
  • Registered mobile number and email address.
  • Your marital status, whether married or not married.
  • The father’s name and PAN card.

Address Details

The applicant has to offer the correct address to avoid mistakes in the data or resource distribution.

  • Give the residential address.
  • Your street name address and the district for proper data recording process.
  • Give you Mandal and revenue village information.
  • The pin code and details are indicating your physical address.
  • Applicants with the same present residential address as same for permanent residence. Click on the yes or no from the website.

For additional details, the applicant will offer their mother tongue, the state, type of disability, if any, and the percentage of how the disability has affected you. 

Documents and Details Needed for TS Teacher’s Data Entry in Schooledu

  • All personal information, as mentioned above.
  • Have the Aadhaar card
  • Your spouse details, and whether is he/she is employed.
  • All education background and appointment information.
  • The teacher also receives information about promotion from the website.
  • Have your health cards and photos?
  • Provide the Aadhaar card for all family members.