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The Assam Finance Department – Assam state Employee salary slip (pay slip) 2024 download portal using Finassam .in website (finance website) at


To serve Assam citizens efficiently, the Assam state government creates different departments. The employees use their knowledge and skills to help the government fulfill various aspects of the state. The departments host thousands of employees who require monthly salaries and benefits. To manage the number of the Assam state government and the financial department. They have developed a portal to handle all salary-related information.

Eligible employees should register to view and download their payslip details. This has eased the queuing process in government HR offices. The government can also trace every employee’s information using the portal. The portal allows for transparency and accountability as employees can trace salary slips from one year back or more. The website portal is open to all government (permanent) employees.

Assam the Employee Registration 2024 Process

To avail of any service under the Finassam portal, the user needs to register and acquire a username and password.After the details, log in to the portal and access salary slips and other government information online.

  1. Visit the Assam Finassam website page through the link
  3. A login page will show, and click “employee login.”
  4. The page will display several options such as mobile number, email ID, password, and captcha code.
  5. Click the signup button to start the registration process.
  6. Follow the page instruction; the system will send the login credentials to the employee’s email ID or mobile number.
  7. Once you log in, change the password to your preferred password.
  8. Next, open the website page again and enter the username, password, and captcha code.
  9. Now you can get any salary details on the page.

Finassam login

Services Under Assam Finassam Web Portal

Eligible applicants can avail of the following services under the portal.

  • Salary information.
  • Advance loans
  • Leaves
  • Medical reimbursement
  • Group Insurance scheme
  • Gratuity
  • Miscellaneous
  • Pension
  • Arrear payment details.
Assam Employee Login
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How to Download Salary Slip From Finassam Website 2024

  1. Go to the Assam Finance department website portal
  3. On the homepage, click the “employee login” tab; click the “sign up button for first-timers.”
  4. On the menu, key in your IFSC code and bank account number used for your salary account.
  5. Next, “submit” to complete the sign-up process.
  6. Enter login credentials: username and password to proceed.
  7. Key in the captcha code on the page and click the “login” button.
  8. On the page, click “profile,” verify your details and select “payslip.”
  9. Choose the payslip you wish to download, select the month and year.
  10. Now click the download button to receive the salary slips on your device.

Details Available of Assam Employee Payslip (Salary Slip)

The Assam online salary slip is a legal document that can be used in various activities.Thedocument contains the following information.

  • Employee’s name, Employee’s code, GPF number, PRAN number, GIL number and PAN number, The gross and net salary details, DA, HRA allowance, Deductions such as GPF, GIS instalments, professional tax

The portal also provides contact information in case the user is stuck with login or other information.


Toll Free Number18001206388