SGPA to Percentage Calculator 2024 : How to Convert SGPA Into Percentage

SGPA to Percentage Calculator 2024 : How to Convert SGPA into Percentage. How to calculate sgpa (Semester grade point average) to percentage. Follow the simple procedure given below.

SGPA to Percentage

Grading systems are designed to analyze the performance of the student in respective educational institutions. The system might slightly different according to the country’s education system. However, most colleges and universities use the SGPA (Semester grade point average) system to get each student’s performance in semester exams.

The education sector uses the SGPA calculator to convert the SGPA to percentage. The calculations are based on the student’s overall results, which they attain in general subjects in the said semester exam.

SGPA to Percentage Calculator
SGPA to Percentage Calculator

What is SGPA?

It’s the overall/weighted average, which is calculated from the grades secured by the student, according to the performance of a specific subject in each semester. The official range of SGPA starts from 0.00 to 10.00. In simple terms, SGPA is a number that shows each student’s performance in the semester exam. The calculation is quite simple, as shown in the formulas below.

The formula to calculate SGPA

  • Different formulas provide the SGPA percentage. But here is a more straightforward formula suitable for anyone.
  • First, learn the points scores of each subject (individual subject)
  • Next, multiply (*) the credit points for each subject with the grade attained in each subject. 
  • Now add (+) all the scores you got.
  • Proceed and divide (/) the sum you got when you add all the products of an individual subject by the sum of all credit.
  • Now answer you get is the SGPA.


1Individual grade points for three subjects.(Subject A)-8
(Subject B)-7.8
(subject C)-9
2The credits for the above individual subjects.(Subject A)-2
(subject B)-3
(subject C)-3
3Now multiply the grade points with the credits:(Subject A)-8*2=16
(subject B)-7.8*3=23.4
(subject C)-9*3=27
4Add all the scores you get.16+23.4+27=66.4
5Add the sum of credits:2+3+3=8
6Proceed to divide the sum of total grade points by the total sum of credits. 66.4/8=8.3
Your SGPA is8.3
SGPA to Percentage calculator

SGPA Calculation formula 

  • Ci is the number of credits in the semester.
  • Pi the grade points earned through the semester.
  • I =1, 2, 3 shows the number of courses in the semester.

How to Convert SGPA into Percentage

Convert SGPA to the percentage

Converting SGPA to percentage is simple after you have calculated your SGPA. To get the percentage, multiply (*) the SGPA with 10 and then subtract from 7.5 from the results. These will give you the percentage. For example, using the SGPA we got (8.3), we can quickly get the percentage.



Converting the SGPA to CGPA

CGPA means the cumulative grade point average. This is attained after one gets the SGPA of all the semesters. You add the SGPA and divide (/) by the number of semesters. The answer will be the CGPA.


SGPA for four semesters is:

Semester I =5.0
Semester II=6.2
Semester II=6.8
Semester IV=7.6

Now divide by the number of semesters 25.6/4=6.4

CGPA is 6.4

The calculation is simple but requires concentration to avoid the wrong SGPA or CGPA. However, any student can follow the above formulas for better results.

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