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ITBP PIS Login 2024: ITBP Pay Slip Download (Monthly Salary slip January, February, March, April, May 2024, June, July, August, September, October, November, December ) Himveer Connect Login at


The ITBP PIS Monthly Salary Slip 2024 Himveer Connect Login: India has great numbers of police forces each holding different units. They work to guard, protect and implement the law. Keeping peace in and out of the country. Focusing on the ITBP which is a major force in Indian country. The Indo Tibetan Border Police is among the five major and superior forces in the country. It works under the Ministry of Home Affairs in the central government of India.

ITBP Pay Slip 2022 Himveer Connect Login

The ITBP was launched on 24th October 1962 and holds up to date. The formation was triggered by the Indo-Sino war. The forces are under the CRPF act and work to protect Indian citizens at the border with Tibet. The ITBP has grown from small numbers of 4 battalions to 60 battalions to date. They have 15 sectors and 5 frontiers this being a record in 2018. The hold up a strength of 89,432 and hoping for more numbers.

Himveer Connect

ITBP Himveer Through the Online portal at

The government recruits new police personnel to join the ITBP each year. The new members are trained to work for different units in the force. The government also plans for the salaries of the new errands. This also includes allowances and perks. All the money after the deduction is deposit into the personnel bank account number. The forces personnel have the privilege to track their transaction and salary slip. The government has a website portal where new and old members of the ITBP can access and get information about their salaries.

ITBP PIS 2024: Himveer Connect Login

The ITBP website page is also known as Himveer connect. The portal helps the ITBP members access their accounts easily. Here they learn about allowances, loans, monthly pay slip and many more. Visit the Himveer connect a website to access all the salary details. Note the login information is personal and cannot be share.


  • PIS username.
  • PIS password.

ITBP PIS Himveer Connect Login

The process works if one has already registered and acquired a password and username. Follow the below steps to log in to the account page.

  1. On your browser visit the official ITBP PIS website portal
  2. The home screen will open where you are to fill all the required details.
  1. Enter the PIS username and password. The username is provided during employment and written on the pay slip.
  1. Key in the captcha code on the space given then proceed.
  2. Click on the login button.
  3. The system will show the ITBP PIS profile on a new page.
  4. Now click on the ITBP pay slip, enter the month and year you wish to receive the slip for.
  5. The monthly slip will be generated where you have the choice to download and print a copy of the same.

Note the system is set to block users who login severally with a wrong password or username. Taking a time frame of 24hrs before activating again. One should be careful and sure of the login details. Ensure they are not known to others to avoid fraud.

How to Reset ITBP Login Password (Recover Forget Password)

Reset ITBP PIS password 2024: Each web portal has login details that need to be kept safe. However, many are the times we forget the login details and use the wrong passwords. In the case of the ITBP PIS website, the wrong attempt will be fined by blocking the account. This should not happen to any person as they can get a new password. The website has a reset tab. Check the details below for either a change or reset.

  1. Navigate to the official ITBP PIS website
  1. On the homepage go to the login tab and next is the “forgot password “option.
  1. Select the ‘forgot password” to proceed.
  2. A new page will open having four columns.
  1. Key in all the details required by the site.
  2. Now select the reset button.
  3. The system will send an OTP to the registered mobile number.
  4. Key in the OTP and make the changes, ensure you get a strong password but simple to remember.

ITBP PIS login 2024 the Registration Himveer Connect

To have the ITBP account the personnel have to register their details first. They have to use the Himveer connect to enter their details which will be used in the account setting.

  • Education qualification of the user.
  • All the personal details such as name etc.
  • Registered mobile number and email address.
  • The employee code number/ regimental number.

After acquiring the above details the personnel can now login to the website page for salary details.

  1. Visit the official ITBP website page
  2. On the homepage select the new registration link provided.
  3. A registration form will appear on the screen.
  4. Key in the required details as mention above.
  5. Now key in the registered mobile number and email address.
  6. Recheck the details and if okay select the submit button.

ITBP Salary Slip 2024 ITBP Monthly Salary Grade Pay and Pay Scale

The ITBP police force is paid according to the rank and position one holds. The year of experience also contributes to the payment. The personnel also receive allowances and perks each month. The deductions are made before the salary is deposit in the final account.

There are different pay scale or the pay band in the Indo Tibetan Border Police Force. The scales are determine by the ranks. New recruits cannot be classified as experienced personnel. Though with years the salary changes as new recruits join in

  • Pay band 1
  • Pay band 2
  • Pay band 3
  • Pay band 4

The ITBP receive different allowances as follows:

  • Education allowances
  • Daily allowances
  • Medical allowances
  • Transport allowances
  • House rent allowances
  • High altitude allowances
  • Dearness allowances
  • Detachment allowances
  • Gratuity allowances
  • Admissibility, quantum, and the commutation allowances

All these details are covered in the online page of ITBP. Here the personnel can check about their loans and deduction anytime. This saves time and resources. The government can also trace each employee’s transactions. The employees don’t have to visit the head offices for pay slip and inquiry. The website also has help desk contact working round the clock.

Note: We are not responsible for the mistakes given above. its just for information purpose only. For more official information visit Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force official web homepage at


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