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Tracking children’s performance was a school-level project, since the introduction of CCE, the performance process has drastically changed. Telangana, a state in India, takes the initiative to launch the CCE system to all schools for students in the upper primary and high school students. The move aims to collect all student performance data and compile it in one CDSE schooled website.

The Telangana Samaraga Shiksha gives the word the CCE will start and is implement in all schools in the state beginning from 2014-15 on wards. The telangana government, after precise observation, settled for the 4 formative assessment and the 2 summative assessments, which are conduct every year officially from 2016-17 on wards. It a unique process that tracks child wise performance and saves it at the childinfo website schooledu.telangana.gov.in. This year childinfo department has made new changes creating a new collaboration with the TS online. childinfo.tg.nic.in is the ts childinfo cce marks entry old website



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The government gives school heads information about TS online software development. The new platform will host all child wise information. The class information, subject performance, and the total marks achieved by the child are to be recorded on the software. All the details about the children are combine in the same app for reference. The implementation has taken effect in 2019-20, where the system deals with child wise school wise information. The school heads and teachers are to record a bit of data ever starting from attendance and performance at the school and the Mandal level.

The MRCs to take download and printout school and child wise proforma (FA-1 to FA-11). They are to send to all schools using the CRP where all children’s performance will be recorded. Now after the performance process is done, all the results are enter in the childinfo website only at the Mandal level. For the high schools, the performance records are registered in the school entry level. The government has added a school attendance slot this year, where they check the on each child attendance flow in the school. The attendance of a child influences the way the performance in the exam or school wise program. The records help the government and teachers learn the actions to take for each child and school year. They can either add or reduce some of the programs to fit the current education needs of the state.

The CRP’s responsibility is to collect data from the school level, which they update at the Mandal level. They have offered a performance report each time they report are limited to a specific time, as shown below.

The commissioner of school education has also emphasized guidelines of uploading the child wise performance describing it as formative assessment and summative assessment, and recording it at the childinfo website. The government has also solved any technical issue which may apply since all school will be using the same site.

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These may cause delays or issues due to heavy data entry processes happening all over the state. They have offered the Mandal MIS coordinators contact (Mr. Latheef or Mr. Mahesh) mobile number +91 9000906181. The schools can also share the grievance at the TS online portal or send an email to ts.isms.support@aptonline.in. All schools in the state are encourage to use the above guidelines and information to make changes in their school level.