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Detailed Guide on POSHAN Abhiyaan: Registration, poshan abhiyaan dashboard 2024 login at http://poshanabhiyaan.gov.in. Poshan Abhiyaan Gov In Ministry of Women & Child Development Login, Data Entry Poshan Maah 2024

Poshan Abhiyaan

Women, children, and adolescents hold a common aspect of vulnerability. Men are also significant but not at high risk of mortality due to environmental and health issues. Many children and women face nutrition issues, especially during breastfeeding and child development. Adolescents also go through a challenging phase that requires attention from parents, the community, and the government.

To cover the major challenges, Indian central and state governments have developed nutritional and health care schemes. To cater to lactating mothers, children, expectant women, and adolescents. The move helps curb high mortality due to malnutrition and lack of proper health facilities and information. The Ministry of Women and Child Development have established the POSHAN Abhiyaan program.

POSHAN Abhiyaan is a centralized digital program that connects residents and governments from various states under a common goal. The scheme is designed to help in nutritional facilities for the vulnerable groups in the country.The Poshan Abhiyaan scheme was established in March 2018 by PM Sri Narendra Modi. Poshan Abhiyaan users should log in using their credentials to access more information. The system representatives provide eligible users with a user ID and password for easy access.

Poshan Abhiyaan Gov In

poshan abhiyaan gov in 2023 login

Poshan Abhiyaan’s Login Details

  • The state-level employee in the Ministry of Women and Child Development username and password are MoW&CD-State Name.
  • The state name should be in capital letters, for example, MoW&CD-ANDHRA PRADESH.
  • District-level officer password and username are MoW&CD-DISTRICT Names.
  • For a block-level employee in the Ministry of Women and Child Development, the password is MoW&CD-Block code. For example, MoW&CD-1020302.

Poshan Abhiyaan Login

Steps to login to the Poshan Abhiyaan website portal

Each department’s login details are unique, meaning users cannot interfere with the system. Eligible users need to acquire the login credentials as directed above.

  • Open the official Poshan Abhiyaan website portal www.poshanabhiyaan.gov.in
  • Proceed to the homepage menu and select the “Data Entry” option.
  • A new page will open; enter your username, password, and captcha code.
  • Review the details and select the sign-in button.
  • A profile page will show and validate the information given to continue. If okay, change the default password to your preferred password.
  • Suppose the user needs to update the profile; they should click the “update” tab to make any changes.
  • Once logged in, the user can access different services on the dashboard.
  • Proceed to the activity participation form and enter the following activities:
    • Activity
    • Level
    • Theme
    • Organizer
    • Date
    • Number of total participants
    • Upload required documents
  • Review the details and press submit button.
Poshanabhiyaan gov inhttp://poshanabhiyaan.gov.in/#/
Data Entryhttp://poshanabhiyaan.gov.in/#/login
Poshan Maah 2024http://poshanabhiyaan.gov.in/#/

How to Monitor Poshan Abhiyaan Dashboard

  • Visit the official website portal.
  • Select the “monitoring dashboard” to open the monitoring login form.
  • Next, enter your username and password.
  • Once logged in, proceed to Poshan Abhiyaan monitoring dashboard to access full details.

Poshan Abhiyaan activities are directed to help in social and behavioral change and improving communication (SBCC).

Aims of Poshan Abhiyaan

  • Lactating mothers
  • Prenatal and postnatal care
  • Optimal breastfeeding
  • Adolescents
  • Health Nutrition
  • Education diet
  • Marriage
  • Hygiene
  • Sanitation
  • Food fortification.
  • Growth monitoring
  • Women and girls.

The program helps both men and women to avail the services within the shortest time.

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  1. What is Poshan program?

    The abbreviation Poshan means Prime Minister Overarching scheme for holistic nutrition.