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SBI E Learning

SBI E Learning: The banking sector requires lots of knowledge to help serve millions of customers visiting the bank each day. The SBI bank ensures all the bank employees are updated and learning to gain new certifications each time. The State bank of India implemented a new e learning portal where employees can learn new changes and updates in the banking sector. In recent years the State bank of India e learning was mandatory for all employees; they had to complete the SBI Gyanodaya certification. However, the bank now requires at least a maximum of one certificate.

The certificate will help the employee when they need to apply for a promotion in the bank. The certificate is presented at the application page for a job promotion. All employees are to ensure to receive one or more e learning certificate to allow for job promotions at the bank.

SBI E Learning
SBI E Learning

SBI Gyanodaya

For first time users, the SBI bank provides the login details such as username and password. They can now access the portal (or) The employee should send an email to the HR to receive the correct login details and proceed with the following steps.

SBI E Learning Login

Login process at the SBI Gyanodaya e learning portal

  1. Go to the official SBI Gyanodaya e learning (or) portal.
  2. On the homepage, select the SBI e learning login button to proceed.
  3. The login page will show enter the username and password.
  4. Click on the sign button, now you can connect successfully to the state bank of India Gyanodaya e learning account.

How to Get SBI E Learning Certificates 2024

The SBI bank employee has to attend the learning session to receive the certificate. Here there are different bank officers and how they get the e learning certificate.

Award staff

Employees in cash in charge, and officers who are not in the office level are considered to be in the Award staff level. They all have to apply for training and certification online. Later they have to attend offline seminars and workshops to receive the proper information and also training on how to apply the skill at their workplace.


The category officers level 1-5 is classified under this section; they have to apply online for the certificate and training sessions. Once they apply, they have to take offline classes and training to practice what they need to do. They will take an online exam to gain a minimum allotted mark to qualify for the State bank of india E learning certificate.

Importance of SBI E learning


The SBI e learning portal helps employees gain more certification and knowledge about different banking sectors. The bank offers different models. Each is entitled to a certificate, meaning the more you learn, the more certificate.


The State bank only offers promotions to employees who have gone through the e learning and have at least one certificate.

Types of promotions and certificate

  • The internal certification this type of certificate is issued by the SBI bank for employees who have taken the training and courses.
  • External certification. The Reserve bank of India offers an external certificate.

Exemption from certification

An employee can opt-out of a certification program; they need to communicate with the SBI bank HR for the process to take place.

Revalidation of certificate

All the SBI certificates have a solid time frame; the employee has to revalidate the certificate before the expiry date. The employee needs to go back for a training course to validate the document.


SBI back also has implemented an HRMS web portal where the bank employees can access their employment details such as payslip, loans and banking services. In the portal, there are other HRMS services, such as the HRMS SBI IRJ portal.

State bank of India (SBI) HRMS SAP, HRMS SBI coin and HRMS SBI EMS. All these portal are contain under the SBI HRMS portal, helping employees check their salary details and slips, loans, pension and many other details. They can also use the SBI e learning help desk to solve issues related to certification or log in details. visit SBI HRMS (or) (or)