UP Employee Payslip 2024 | Koshvani.up.nic.in Pension Payment Details 2024

Uttar Pradesh Koshvani employee and pensioners portal 2024. कोषवाणी यूपी पेंशन भुगतान चालान व सैलरी स्लिप. Koshvani salary slip & Koshvani up nic in pension payment details 2024 at Koshvani.up.nic.in


The Uttar Pradesh state government employees and pensioners can digital revise their salary details and pension data. The State government introduces the digital capability through the Financial Department and controllers of various departments in the government. The Koshvani portal is designed to help in financial matters such as salary disbursement, salary slips, download of payslip, pension payment, and more. Pensioners can retrieve any information through the कोषवाणी portal.

The portal is significant to both employees and the government. It will cover more than 6,000 DDOs in the UP state. To help compile employees’ receipts and payment data. The Nodal office and DDO will help employees and pensioners register and update the portal regularly. Employees don’t require to visit the HR or department offices for salary slips. They need to log in and download payslips, check payment status, and conduct any salary-related detail.


Koshvani.up.nic.in Pension Payment Detail 2024-2025

How to Register UP Koshvani IFMS Portal

Eligible UP government employees and pensioners need to register on the Koshvani IFMS portal to access the salary details.

  • Go to your respective department office (DDO office, account office).
  • Request for registration guidance.
  • Provide the DDO officer with correct documents and details.
  • The DDO officer will initiate the registration process online. This will allow the user to log in to the portal quickly.
  • However, the system will send a verification OTP code on your mobile number to fully access the page.

How to Login UP Koshvani PAGE

The Koshvani website doesn’t require the user to enter the login credentials such as username and password at http://wiki.wonikrobotics.com/AllegroHandWiki/index.php/Special:AWCforum/st/id4511/#post_64140. The UP state government offers employees salary slips through registered mobile numbers. The user can visit the DDO office to acquire the slip offline or use the registered mobile number to retrieve the information.

How to Download UP Employee Salary Slip Online

Step by step process to Download UP Employee Salary Slip (payslip) online

  1. Open the Koshvani portal via the link https://koshvani.up.nic.in
  2. On the menu page, click “go to Koshvani dashboard.”
  3. Next, click “employee salary information” and proceed to enter your registered mobile number.
  4. Click the “generate OTP” button; the system will send the OTP to the registered mobile phone.
  5. Process and enter the OTP followed by the security code.
  6. Next, click “show data,” select your preferred month and year payslip.
  7. The system will generate the UP employee salary slip you selected on the screen.
  8. On the page, click the “download” button to receive the slip on your device. You can also click the “print” button.

UP government pensioners also receive equal services through the Koshvani website page. The portal allows pensioners to access their payments details. They can check the payment status easily using the employee IFMS portal.

How to Check UP Koshvani Pension Payment Status online

कोषवाणी पेंशन भुगतान UP Employee Pension Payment Detail 2024 at Koshvani.up.nic.in step by step process given below

  1. Go to the Koshvani website page link. http://koshvani.up.nic.in
  2. On the menu, select the option “pensioner’s corner” button.
  3. The page will show a sub-menu with various options. Click “pension payment” tab.
  4. Next, enter the following details: pensioner’s treasury, account number.
  5. Proceed and enter the captcha code.
  6. Click the pensioner tab >show data option.
  7. The system will generate the payment status on the screen. One can also download the status on their device.

कोषवाणी यूपी

Benefits of Koshvani website (Koshvani.up.nic.in). The Koshvani UP website allows for easy access to payment details. Users can access data dating back from 2005 from various departments. It reduces the need to visit the DDO office of salary slips. The employee and pensioner can follow up any information related to their salary. The UP government has solid details about all UP state government workers.


  1. How can I replace or change my mobile number on the Koshvani website?

    The user can change any contact detail register under the Koshvani portal. However, one needs to visit the DDO officer to make the changes. The employee or pensioner must present their proof document for verification.

  2. When will the user receive the OTP?

    Once the registration process is done, the system sends an OTP code to the registered mobile number. The process only takes few minutes to generate the OTP. However, if the process takes longer, you can restart of request for resending.

  3. Koshvani.up.nic.in Pension Payment Detail 2024

    Direct link http://koshvani.up.nic.in/KoshvaniStatic.aspx (or) https://koshvani.up.nic.in/ClearSession.aspx