SBI KYC Online | KYC Update on SBI Saving Account | SBI KYC Form 2023

The SBI KYC Update Online on SBI saving account. How to Update kyc in state bank online. How to Update KYC Details Without Visiting state Bank of India. SBI kyc form kaise bhare 2022


KYC, which means know your customer, is a significant process adopted by most financial institutions globally. It helps gather all critical information on every customer. The State Bank collects the identity and addresses details of the users and links them to bank account and other legal documents. This offers fast tracing and protects bank information from illegal users. The KYC details should be provided during account opening or when the bank request to update the KYC data.

Recently the SBI Bank India requested bank users to update the KYC information. The process was conducted through SBI email or post to avoid movement during the Covid-19 pandemic. SBI bank customers well embrace the move as it’s easy and fast. The bank customer needs to scan their KYC documents and send them via email. However, the user needs to send through the registered email ID saved by SBI bank.

The SBI bank official stated the move in a tweet that was posted on May 1st, 2021. The user can also send the information via post—the process offers protection to millions of SBI account holders. The Covid-19 pandemic has altered significant sectors in India. This has businesses adapting to new ways of serving customers. Banks such as SBI are using simple platforms to run banking businesses. The Bank request SBI account users to send various documents for verification and update method.

SBI KYC Update Online

Required Documents for SBI Account KYC Update Process

Users need to provide identity and address proof documents through the appointed channels.

  • Passport
  • Applicant’s voter’s ID
  • Driving license
  • Aadhaar card.
  • PAN card
  • An ID proof document for a guardian for a minor SBI account.
  • For the NRIs: passport, residence visa attested by the foreign offices, Indian embassy, or Notary public.

How to Update SBI KYC Online

  • First, the user needs to scan their document (address and identity proof documents).
  • After scanning, one should send via email or post the address provided by the bank.
  • Ensure the email is the same as the registered email at the bank. This helps in proper identification and updates.
  • Note you can only send the KYC details when the process is due on your account. This allows the Bank to update the information in phases.
  • The bank will verify the attached documents and details before updating the KYC data on your account.
  • SBI users should provide the required documents to initiate the process.

The RBI strictly urges bank users to update their KYC details with the bank. The move helps Banks and financial institutions trace any bank transaction and keep the systems updated. This also allows Bank customers to use transaction apps (mobile apps) safely. Updating KYC data is a tremendous digital transformation for SBI banks. It allows for fast data transfer without visiting the bank. It saves lives, time, and resources for both banks and customers. SBI Online Account Opening

SBI KYC Form 2022 PDF Download


  1. What documents do SBI accountholders require for KYC updates?

    The Bank needs the user to send identity and address documents such as an Aadhaar card, voter's ID, NREGA card, driving license, PAN card, passport, and more.

  2. When should I send the KYC documents?

    The Bank user should send the KYC details when the process is due in the Bank account.

  3. Can I visit the bank for the KYC update process?

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bank discourages users from visiting and congesting at the Bank branch. The SBI Bank has developed a simple email or post-process for the user to send the KYC details.

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