AO Code For PAN CARD – What is AO Code, AO – Type, Area Code For PAN

Overview on AO Code for PAN: Types of AO codes, How to find AO code for pancard step by step procedure 2024 given below.

AO Code For PAN

PAN Card is an essential document for Indian citizens; it plays a significant role in filing income tax. The card also helps in purchasing items such as immovable property. During the PAN card application, the applicant has to fill the AO code section. The AO code is mandatory and helps in identifying the tax jurisdiction that the cardholder falls under. AO means assessing officer, and the AO code shows the authority, which is linked to your taxation.

The income tax department learns about what they should charge each person through this code. For residents, the tax department will request tax according to rules governing person. For companies, the law will describe the amount to pay. Individual tax payment differs according to the AO code example. People serving in the army or government will pay differently from other self-employed or in other industries.

What is AO Code

The assessing officer is the point person from the income tax department who will assess the filed income tax returns. The officer checks for all legalities, and if their discrepancies, he/she has the right to question the assessee. The income tax department has AO appointed everywhere in the country. Each officer jurisdiction is given according to the income tax circle or ward.

When applying for a PAN card, you must enter the AO code to determine your tax law, which applies to your AO. For Indian citizens, there are set tax laws to govern their income tax payment. These are different for non-citizens who have a different set of rules. Every category has an AO based on the type of application or person.


The assessing officer code helps in learning the income tax jurisdiction a taxpayer fall under. The code is indicated on the PAN application form to assist the income tax department allocating the amount to pay. 

What are the Components of an AO CODE?

 The AO code has several components, as follows:

  1. Area code

    These the region the AO cover in his jurisdiction.

  2. AO type

    This describes the assessing officer in terms of the ward, circle, range, or commissioner.

  3. Range code

    The operating zone by which the AO officer should govern.

  4. AO number

    Every AO has a unique number assigned to them.

AO code for PAN card. How to find AO Code for PAN

The income tax department allows the applicant to access their AO code through an online portal or visiting the tax offices. The AO codes may change if the department implements new laws.

  1. Open the NSDL PAN website portal to get the AO code.
  2. On the menu, select the city of residence.
  3. The portal will provide a list of AO codes for your city.
  4. Now select your area AO code according to the information.
  5. Next, click the submit button.

AO Code search for PAN

AO Code for PAN CARD - What is AO Code, How to find AO code for PAN

Knowing Your Jurisdiction AO

Applicants can also learn the AO through the steps below.

  • Go to the income tax department PAN website portal.
  • Next, your PAN card number and mobile number (registered with PAN card).
  • Now click the submit button, the system will send an OTP number. Use the number to authenticate all the details. Click the validate option to continue.
  • The page will display the jurisdiction AO information on the screen.

AO Code Types

The AO code is divide into four types according to the area in which the AO operates. There are different tax implications for each type. This means each AO gets various tasks for the ITR assessment as per the applicant.

International taxation

The section covers any entity, company, or foreigners who are not registered in India.

Non-international taxation (outside Mumbai)

These apply for companies, entities, or foreigners who have registered anywhere in India except Mumbai.

Non-international taxation (Mumbai region)

Any individual or company registered in Mumbai fall in this category.

Defense personnel

These only apply to individuals in the Indian army or Air force.