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BharatPe enters into consumers’ P2P lending with a 12% Club App. 12 Percent Club Bharatpe Review | More about at Twelve percent club at Twelve.club/#/

Fintech Companies are fast developing and providing consumers with the best financial options.  Users can transfer funds through digital platforms, acquire loans at incredible interest and also lend. BharatPe Fintech is a famous Company in India. It offers financial abilities to small merchants through UPI payments for free, BharatPe QR code and gains affordable loans of up to Rs. 7 lakhs.

12% Club APP

The BharatPe Fintech has provided amazing offers of peer-to-peer P2P lending using a unique product, 12% Club.The app is designed to help consumers earn 12% interest on the funds saved and borrowed amount at a 12% interest rate. To achieve the plan, BharatPe has merged with Central Bank authorised non-banking financial institutions.  The partnership will help to avail the product to eligible consumers. The Company aims at achieving AUM (Asset under management) investments of $100 million. It will also gain a lending AUM of $50 million by March 2022.

12 Percent Club

BharatPe consumers under the 12% club app have the privilege to invest their savings by lending through BharatPe’s partners P2P NBFCs.  The company also gives collateral-free loans of Rs. 10 lakhs under the 12% club app. The loan duration (3 months) is flexible, giving consumers ample time to refund and invest in the Company.

The loan doesn’t attract any processing charges or pre-payment charges.However, the loan eligibility criteria are attained from the user’s credit score, shopping history (PAYBACK loyalty system), any payments conducted using the BharatPe QR code.  The company promises to increase individual’s investment limits from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs over time.

Recently the Cred, a credit card payment service, has also introduced a P2P lending product similar to BharatPe. The Cred product is referred to as Cred Mint.The service offers 9% interest on consumer lending to other members and 12 to 16% on loans.


12 Percent Club

The BharatPe CEO Suhail Sameer says the 12% club app is gaining traction with over $5 million on the monthly run rate and $1 million on borrowing rate. This is an excellent response considering it’s a pilot program. The Company series E fund goes to $350 million, thus leading BharatPe to Unicorn club with a valuation of $2.85 billion. The progress is back by famous investors such as Tiger Global, Dragoneer Investment Group, Steadfast Capital, Insight Partners, Coatue Management and Sequoia Growth.