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Times of India

Indian readers receive daily news content from the Times of India newspaper, which is among the top five (fourth-best) best Indian Newspapers. The TOI epaper is provided in digital format where readers can download using TOI region links. This makes it easy and convenient for readers who don’t have time to purchase the manual newspaper.

The Times of India Epaper

The online newspaper helps users receive news anywhere, anytime. The TOI epaper saves resources and space as it’s contain in mobile and desktop devices. Times of India epaper is an English newspaper which covers a lot of India information. The user can learn about education matters, careers, politics, environment, business, and more. The Times Group owns and creates the Times of India content.

TOI newspaper is consider the fourth-largest newspaper in India. The Audit Bureau of Circulation reports that TOI has access to many Indian citizens daily. The toi epaper was formerly known as Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce. Its first edition was in 1838 and has improved and provided quality content over the years. TOI is the second oldest newspaper in India from the Bombay Samachar. The TOI has continued gaining traction as it ranked sixth best in 1991, while today it’s among the top five epapers.

Times of India Epaper
Times of India Epaper Download

Times of India Epaper Publication Region or City wise

The TOI newspaper is popular in India and has several publishing centers in India. Users can access their best editions from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Pune, Hyderabad, Goa, Bhopal, and Kochi.

The TOI epaper provides users with complete nationwide news. It promotes reading among the people and helps convey information fast. Today the world depends on online platforms. The majority of people spend 90 percent of the time on mobile phones and desktop daily. This makes it easier to open and read the TOI newspaper online. TOI readers can use the link to access updates and news.

How to Download the Times of India epaper PDF File

The TOI E paper download process involves direct links based on the region. TOI readers need to select their best region from the TOI website page. Once they locate their region, they can click the download button to get the epaper on their device. The user can also read the e-paper directly on the web page without downloading. It’s also easy to change your region and read different areas as you wish. All region links are indicated on the Times of India website portal for easy access.


  1. How can I subscribe to TOI Plus Membership?

    Any reader who wants to subscribe to the TOI membership. They must get the times prime subscription from the TOI website page. Here they will receive instructions on the next step. 

  2. Do I have to create an account for TOI Membership?

    Yes, every reader who needs the TOI membership must create an account with the Times of India. The TOI offers 30 days free trial, which you can later subscribe for time prime. 

  3. Times of India Epaper PDF File Download link

    Direct link to download TOI e paper :