Airtel Tower Installation Apply Online 2024 and Application, Required Documents & Rules, Rent Etc…

The Airtel Tower Installation Apply Online 2024, Required Documents, Benefits & Rules. Airtel tower rent per month. How to apply for airtel 5G tower in my Site/Land.

Airtel Tower

2024: Airtel Bharti is a huge, reliable, and famous telecom operator in India and the world. Airtel attracts millions of registered users through multiple services like broadband, DTH, WIFI, and voice services. The Company avail 4G and 4G+ and currently introducing the 5G infrastructure. This allows users to upgrade their network and access better quality service. Airtel is ranked as the second mobile network in the country and globally. Consumers can attest to the great services and support from the provider regardless of the area (rural or urban).

Airtel is working to implement 5G Tower installation and 5G SIM for more service provision. Interested users can request Tower installation through a simple online application. The Company’s Multiple Output/MIMO Technology is established in Bengaluru and Kolkata. However, Airtel plans to broaden the service to other states. Bharti Airtel is planning to launch 25,000 towers across the country for fast and easy network access. Applicants need to send their applications early to avoid the deadline.

Airtel Tower Installation

Required Documents for Airtel 5G Tower installation

Before filling out the application form, applicants must possess the following documents.

  • Xerox copies of land documents.
  • A valid identity of the owner.
  • A letter of expression of interest from the owner.
  • NOC of the civil body
  • Land survey report

More Documents

  • Verification documents: Aadhaar card, voter’s ID, Identity card.
  • Self-clarification details: passport photo, agreement papers,
  • Property documents to authenticate the tower location and eligibility for installation.
  • Bank statement due to rent deposits.

Rules for Airtel Mobile Tower Installation

Airtel has several guidelines governing the tower installation procedure as follows:

  • Applicants wishing to install the mobile tower should have a plot of 2000square feet (urban) and 2500 square feet (rural area).
  • People requesting rooftop installation must have 500 square feet on the roof.
  • The user shouldn’t apply for or take a loan to install the tower.
  • The tower cannot be installed near (100 meters) hospitals.
  • Applicant must not have any legal case at NOC area taken by neighbours to install the tower.
  • All documents should be in place.

Amount Earned From the Airtel Tower Installation

Eligible and selected applicants will earn a particular amount for renting their space. The amount depends on the area/location and the company’s profit from the tower. The user can also work for the company. Urban and big city dwellers get Rs. 1 lakh on rent. The Company will provide comprehensive payment details on tower installation.

The Airtel mobile tower requires a specific area based on location. For rural (Grameen) areas, the user should provide 2500 square feet and 2000 square feet for urban areas. Bharti Airtel offers the following rental for 4G and 5G towers.

Airtel Tower Rent Per Month

Airtel TowerRural Area (Gramin Kshetra)Urban Area (Shehri Kshetra)
Rent per monthRS 42,210 to RS 54,060/- INR (Estimated)RS 47,000/- to RS 88,700/- INR (Estimated)
Space Required (in Sq Feet)Non- Fertile land at least 2500 sq. FeetAt least 2000 sq. feet.
Minimum Lease Duration1 Year1 Year
Civic Approving AuthorityPanchayat SamitiLocal Civic Body

Airtel Tower Installation Apply Online 2024

Step by step apply for Airtel Tower Installation

The company will publish the tower installation request on the Bharti Airtel website.

  • Open the official Airtel Bharti website portal using the link
  • Get the application form and fill in the mandatory details like name, address, email ID, and mobile number.
  • Next, attach the required documents and submit the application.
  • The respective official will review the details, visit the area, and the legal procedure will start if okay.
  • Landowners should ensure they sign an agreement and understand other details like lease time and lease decision.

Health Details

The applicant needs to consider some health-related details connected with mobile towers. It’s believed the tower may cause:

  • Cancer, headaches, memory loss, low sperm count, and pregnancy issues.
  • It can cause fires
  • It also affects animals in various ways.

Benefits of Airtel Tower Installation

  • The land owner will receive a good amount as rent.
  • It’s secure and doesn’t take up huge space.
  • The user doesn’t have to pay or work as the company will take care of the process.
  • Airtel increases the rent after every six months.
  • Mobile towers help increase land value.
  • The user can also get a job from the company.

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  1. How much money should the land owner pay for tower installation?

    The owner shouldn’t pay any amount for the process. The company is to provide rent for the space based on the location.

  2. How can interested users apply for mobile tower installation?

    The user should apply online using the link