How to Request for a Covid 19 Test in AP Online | Covid-19 Andhra Pradesh APP

How to Request for a Covid 19 Test in AP Online | Covid-19 Andhra Pradesh APP at

Covid-19 Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra Pradesh state government has launched a new and effective way to reach AP citizens through the department of medical health and family welfare. The new covid-19 Andhra Pradesh app is a mobile application which helps citizens get information about the Covid-19 pandemic, about the doctors, nurses, and facilities dealing with the virus. The AP citizens are urged to use the government’s app to curb the movement and restrain people in their homes. The government is acting fast by responding to calls from people who feel they need a checkup or have symptomatic signs.

AP Covid-19 app has all the essential details to help connect citizens with health workers. Health technicians are dispatched in different places and respond fast when called. Citizens can request the Covid-19 test from home where the samples are taken to assigned labs in the state. Once the results are out, they are sent to the individual using the mobile app. For positive cases, health personnel can isolate the person at home or in an isolation center.

The Covid-19 Andhra Pradesh state is easily found on all smartphone devices using the google play or App store. There are different features on the app which user/citizens can avail to help fight the virus.

  • About the Covid-19 assigned hospitals in the state.
  • All quarantine centers.
  • The testing centers.
  • How to apply or request for testing using the app.
  • Media bulletins about the cases confirmed, recovered, and deaths in the AP state.
  • Information about local volunteers, ANMs, doctors, and nurses.
  • Helpdesk numbers.
  • Educate users about the virus, what safety actions to take, and what to avoid.

AP Covid Test Request

The AP citizens can request testing from their homes; the health officers will visit and take samples. The results are later sent via the mobile app; all information is confidential. For positive cases, the health workers will assess and consider either home isolation or hospital. To download the app, one must enter all mandatory details such as name, registered mobile number emails, and about the symptoms of other ailments. The applicant can use the following information to complete the form.

The applicant has to fill the above details or use the link to request for the Covid-19 test. The registered mobile number is sent to the concerned medical and health offices according to the health issues stated on the form. The officers will visit and conduct a test according to the information and condition of the patient.

How to Download Covid-19 Andhra Pradesh APP

Applicants can download the app using the few steps below and later use it to request tests or receive information about the virus.

  1. Go to the google play store or App store from your smartphone device.
  2. On the search bar check, enter the words “‘Covid-19 AP” app. The page will provide some versions of the app to select the right app to download.
  3. After downloading the app, click to install.
  4. Now you can use the app for different activities such as requesting for the Covid-19 test, information about doctors, and receiving the test results plus many more.

AP Covid 19 Test Results 2022

  1. Visit this official link:
  2. Fill your details
    • Name
    • Aaadhar Number
    • Sample ID
    • Age
    • Gender
    • District Name
  3. Press submit button
  4. Verify with OTP (Registered Mobile number)