Dhuandhar Jalprapat Falls, Best Time to Visit, Things to Do

Jabalpur Dhuandhar Falls Jalprapat Timings, Things to Do and Tips. धुआंधार जलप्रपात | जिला प्रशासन जबलपुर, मध्य प्रदेश शासन 2024. Fascinating Dhuandhar Falls and Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat Jabalpur.

Dhuandhar Falls

India is the most attractive country, with numerous factors that have increased its popularity In terms of tourism. Its natural wonders make it famous for people to adventure in different parks, landscapes, artificial marvels, and more places to visit. With its magnificence and fascinating things in India, it reflects the diversity of their traditions and interests. It also contains the most enjoyable water-based venture for visitors that helps them keep memories through videos or pictures.

Bhedaghat waterfalls also referred to as Dhuandhar, falls in Madhya Pradesh. Itis famous for the smoke cascade that is formed by water vapors. The word Dhuna means Smoke and Dhar a stream. It has a height of 30 meters and a comfortable arrangement of railings formed by the Narmada River. It also has natural beauty and picturesque landscapes for individual destinations. The place is the most visited tourist destination of Bhedaghat.

The falls have grey and white rocks below them, increasing the brightness of Dhuandhar Falls. The falls also appear silvery when moonlight falls on them, making the place look more magical. Sharad Purnima is the best time to visit Bhedaghat waterfalls when Narmada Mahostsava celebrates. However, people can take activities such as boating, which is a marvellous experience in the valley.

Dhuandhar Jalprapat

dhuandhar jalprapat falls timings, things to do and tips
Dhuandhar jalprapat falls timings, things to do and tips

Best Time to Visit Bhedaghat Waterfalls

It is recommended to visit Bhedaghat from October to March during the winter. During this month, the weather is pleasant and calm for outdoor activities like natural walks and boating. The visitors can experience and enjoy the stunning views without being heated by the sun.

However, people can also visit the Bhedaghat waterfalls from April to June, summertime. During this month, it can take a lot of work for visitors to enjoy the outdoor activities. There may be better months to visit the waterfalls for their high temperature and safe viewing. For tourist to enjoy the activities and the best of the waterfalls, always check the weather forecast to get prepared for any activities like light, sounds, and boating before planning a trip.

Activities to do While in Dhuandhar Falls

Visitors can do various activities while in Dhuandhar, the falls appear silvery when moonlight falls onthem, making the place look more magical falls as stated below;

  1. Cable Car

The cable car is readily available on both sides of the cascade. It locomotes from one finishing point of the Dhuandhar waterfall to other points. Visitors can enjoy adventuring on the opposite side of Jabalpur’s Dhuandhar cascade using the ropeway accessible at Bhedaghat Point. The excursion costs for every individual is about INR 80 to 90.

  1. Picnic on the riverside

The places around Dhuandhar Falls are unique as individuals can adventure and enjoy themselves with friends or family. You can also enjoy a boat ride on the riversides, getting interesting sunset views.

  1. Boat ride

Visitors can go for a boat rideat Dhuandhar Falls in various ways. One can pick a boat for their family to enjoy for about 30 /45 to 50 minutes.

  1. Photography

The falls offer stunning views for people to capture the beauty of the rocks, waterfalls, and surroundings.

  1. Light and sound show

The rays of the light and sounds produced in the evening showcase the culture and history of the region.

  1. The Dhuandhar falls

The falls are the main attraction of Bhedaghat as the individuals can enjoy the view of the waterfall from different points along the river Narmada.

Interesting Things to Enjoy at Bhedaghat Waterfall

The smoke cascade

The water falling on hard rocks causes the mist to form, creating visuals of smoke from the river bed, a sight to view. The sight of river Narmada, among the holy rivers of India, is magical to enjoy watching as it falls from a great height. Dipping in the holy river, Narmada is believed to cleanse away all sins. The place is enjoyable with nature’s tranquility; one can keep memories in videos or pictures.

Bandar Kodini Point

Bandar Kodini Point is a narrow stretch of rocks through the river passage that monkeys use to jump across the rocks. It’s also the best source of attraction for tourism at waterfalls.

Shopping and accommodation

Pilgrims around the Bhedaghat waterfalls can purchase various marble artifacts. The marble artifacts make great souvenirs that make the trip more exciting and notable—Jabalpur is the nearest town visitors can explore archaeologically, culturally, and historically.

Marble Rocks on Bhedaghat Waterfalls

The marble rocks are located a kilometre away from the waterfalls. The marble rocks form magical and enthralling experiences during the moonlight when the rocks shine silvery. It is recommended to visit the place from November to May during the monsoon. One can also take a boat ride in the valley of white marble. The rocks, accompanied by the holy water Narmada River, are breath taking sights.

Ways to Reach Dhuandhar Jalprapat Falls

Here are the best ways to reach the falls as shown below;

  • By Road

One can quickly get state transport from Jabalpur to Dhuandhar waterfall using this mode. It takes only 30 to 45 minutes to reach the Dhuandhar Falls; hence, the excursion charges about INR 20. However, local auto rickshaws and cabs are available from Jabalpur.

  • By Train

The railway station is the nearest railway, located around 20km away. Reaching the tumbles from the Jabalpur railway station takes around an hour.

  • By Air

visitors can reach through the air as it is the nearest air terminal to the Dhuandhar Falls. However, you can take a taxi to the Tumbles from the airport.


  1. What are the charges offered in the Dhuandhar Falls?

Various activities occur in the waterfalls that per person should charge, such as;

  • Entry Fees: 50 INR and an additional 50 INR per person.
  • Ropeway Fees: For cable car ride, 85 INR per person.
  • Boating Fees: For about 45 minutes ride, 100 INR.
  1. Dhuandhar falls in which river

Narmada River

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