How to Reset RBL Net Banking Password | Reset RBL Bank User ID

Resetting RBL Bank net Banking password. How to Reset RBL Net Banking Password | Reset RBL Bank User ID 2024.

RBL Bank Net Banking Password Reset

All banking services are secured using a password and login ID. This provides access to the authorized user and avoids fraud cases. The RBL bank, a top private sector bank in India, offers multiple banking and financial facilities for convenient services. The RBL customer needs to log in using set credentials to avail of the service. RBL debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, mobile banking, and branch service are securely sealed with login details.

Though customers have the privilege to set their passwords and login ID or username, they are also prone to forget the details due to various reasons. One can opt to reset or change the password or user id anytime. RBL bank provides digital platforms to help change/reset user passwords for better accessibility.

RBL Internet Banking

The internet banking service is an effective online banking service developed to help RBL customers bank through smart devices.The platform provides simple banking features and services at the user’s convenience. To access the net banking service, you must register and enter your preferred login details. The platform doesn’t limit the user from changing the password or user ID if they request.To make the changes need to follow the steps below.

How to Reset RBL Net Banking Password

How to Reset RBL Bank Net Banking Password Online

Before resetting the password, you need to present the following details:

  • The registered mobile number with the bank.
  • Debit card and credit card details
  • Customer ID
  • Net banking user ID

How to Reset RBL Bank Net Banking Password

  1. Open RBL net baking website portal via the link
  2. Go to the login page and select the “login” button.
    • Choose any of the options presented:
      Personal banking
      Online card account
  3. Next, select the “forgot password” option to continue.
  4. A new page will open key in your “user ID” > “continue” options.
  5. The page will present several reset password methods:
    • Debit card
      Credit card
      Security questions
  6. For a debit card, enter our debit card number, expiry date, CVV number, and card PIN.
  7. Credit card option, key in the credit card number, CVV, and expiry date.
  8. If the user opts for the passport option
  9. Enter the CIF number and passport. Note the process applies to NRI customers only.
  10. Security questions
  11. The customer must answer the selected questions set during account registration.
  12. The system will verify the information using the OTP code
  13. Click the “generate OTP” tab for the system to send the OTP to your mobile number.
  14. Use the OTP to verify the information and select the “continue” button
  15. The page will allow the user to reset a new password.
  16. Enter the preferred password and re-enter to confirm
  17. Select submit button to complete the process.

The RBL bank customer must reset the password based on the bank’s password guidelines. Ensure to set a strong but memorable password.

How to Reset RBL Bank User ID

  1. Go to the net banking page link
  2. Next, click the “login” tab and proceed to the “forgot user ID” option.
  3. A new page will show, enter the following options for easy user ID retrieval.
    • CIF number,
    • Credit card,
    • Debit card or
    • Account number.
    • Passport
  4. Select your preferred choice to continue.
  5. A user who opts for the credit card option should enter their CVV, expiry date, and credit card number.
  6. Recheck the information and select the “submit” button.
  7. Next, click the “generate OTP” tab, you will get an OTP code on your mobile number.
  8. After verification, select the continue button to receive your user ID on your mobile number or email ID.
  9. You can access net banking services easily with your user ID and password.


  1. Can I reset my preferred user ID on net banking?

    The bank system generates the user ID login details, and it’s unique for every can request a new or reset, but the bank will send the user ID on your email or registered mobile number.

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