IGRS Telangana EC Search, Market Value, Stamp Duty, TS Certified Copy

IGRS Telangana: EC Search Online. TS market value search 2024, Telangana Certified copy, stamp duty, TS encumbrance certificate download. Telangana EC Encumbrance Certificate Search by Name at Registration.telangana.gov.in

IGRS Telangana

The Telangana state government, through the Registration &stamp department, has officially launched a website portal to cater to its great citizens. The IGRS (integrated Grievance redressal system) is a legal and official portal for both state citizens and government. The system helps in different government services such as:

  • Searching for the market value of the land or property.
  • The citizens are also entitled to online searches for prohibited property in the state.
  • Information about the Encumbrance certificate.
  • People can also gain information about e-stamp services.
  • Receive information about a property, society, firms, marriage, and all kinds of registrations in the state.
  • Search for your SRO (sub-registrar office) and chit funds.
  • The IGRS has information on notaries, stamps vendors, and franking services.
  • The portal is equipped with a grievance and feedback section for the citizens to offer their complaints regarding the services provided above.


IGRS Telangana EC Search

The portal helps in keeping records from the past to the present without the fear of displacement. The online portal requires login details for one to use the services.

Advantages of IGRS Telangana

  • The website provides transparency reducing corruption cases in the government departments.
  • It helps solve citizens’ complaints quickly through an online platform and reduces the congestions in the offices.
  • The government can trace documents from the past and also present for safekeeping.
  • The documents are used as evidence in court cases if any dispute arises.
  • It helps save time and resources for both government and Telangana citizens.

IGRS Telangana EC Registration

The Telangana encumbrance certificate (EC) is a legal document in the state used for property transactions from the old property owner to the new owner. The official document acts a proof of title of property ownership. EC documents give the right to own any property in your name fully. It has all transactions made through the property lifetime, any claims and other significant details are indicated on the EC.

The IGRS portal has played a significant role in digitalizing the government systems in Telangana. In the recent past, citizens had to visit the government offices for services that took longer to produce. The system is updated from 1st January 1983 to date any Encumbrance certificate before the year 1983 will require the owner to call the SRO office for inquiry. Step by Step Process of IGRS Telangana EC Search

  1. Visit the official Telangana Registration & Stamp Department page
  2. https://registration.telangana.gov.in/ from your browser.
  3. On the homepage,
  4. Select the Encumbrance certificate on the right bottom corner of the page right under the tab online services.
  5. A new page will open containing details about Telangana EC what it entails,
  6. Read and understand the terms and conditions then click on the submit button.
  7. Again the system will offer a new page prompting you to select the search criteria from a given list.
  8. Users who select the document number option, enter the first letters of your SRO’s name the year of registration to help search the EC document.
  9. Users who select the document number option
  10. Enter the first letters of your SRO’s name the year of registration to help search the EC document.
  11. Applicant selecting the form entry option as the criteria will fill the required details
  12. Such as flat number, house number, district name, and SRO details.

Process of telangana registration market value search

  1. On the official Telangana Registration & Stamp Department
  2. https://registration.telangana.gov.in/ website page
  3. Click on the tab market value search located right under the option of online services.
  4. The page will give two options agricultural or non-agricultural rates.
  5. Choose your district, Mandal, and village, then click on the submit button.

Process of Finding the Telangana SRO

  • On the IGRS official website, select the option to know your SRO from the menu bar.
  • The page will display two options to know your jurisdiction SRO and village directory.
  • If the user picks on the first option, a new page will open requesting you to enter details such as district, Mandal, and village from the given list.
  • Recheck the details and click on the submit button, the SRO information will display on the screen.

Telangana Certified Copy of Registration Document

Steps to get IGRS Telangana certified copy

  • On the TS official website link,
  • https://registration.telangana.gov.in
  • Navigate to the option online services and click on the tab certified copy.
  • A new page will open where you need to click on either of the two options certified copies of registered documents (on payment) or certified copy of the document (new registrations only)
  • The first option directs to the Meeseva online portal, where you need to fill the SRO, district, year, and document number. The system will display the details of the certified copy instantly.
  • For the second option, your redirected to a new page where you have to enter information such as the mobile number and captcha code to get the certified copy.

All applicants should note the Telangana property registration fee and charges apply. When one is purchasing property, a fee of 1% of the entire property will be deducted. The government has also eased the Telangana IGRS process. By introducing a mobile phone app, citizens can download and through the google play store and access all properties of the website anywhere.

The login details are the same on mobile devices. It’s a quick way for many citizens and convenient as they can access EC information and other services from any part of the state. The government has an easy time controlling documents and citizens’ demands without the congestions at the offices.

The Telangana government’s digital achievement has changed a lot of livelihoods in the state. The property owners can use their documents to take loans and other uses using the EC files. A great achievement for the whole state.

  1. How to check ec online telangana?

    Yes, you can check +ts encumbrance certificate through online web portal. or please contact near telangana registration office. Please refer full article given above.

  2. Telangana Registration & Stamp Department

    Direct link: https://registration.telangana.gov.in/