How to Install AHA APP on TV, Activate Aha APP at Smart TV

Installing and activating aha app on TV: How to Install AHA Application on TV, How to Activate Aha App at TV. Features on AHA APP 2024. How to Install Aha App in Samsung, Sony, MI, Vu, LG Smart TV.

How to Install & Activate Aha APP on Smart TV

Aha app has gained popularity by registering thousands of active subscribers. The video-on-demand streaming app provides exclusive web series, movies, TV shows, and new content. This keeps Telangana and Andhra Pradesh state streamers entertained. To avail of the ‘aha app’ services, users should register and get an account for a better connection. The app subscription fee is affordable and worth paying to watch the best movies ever.

The ‘aha app‘ is developed in the Telugu language and offers various movies, web series, shows, and more. It’s a legal video-on-demand streaming app designed in India by Arha Media and Broadcasting Private Limited. The app is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems making it easy to stream. Users can link several devices. Aha app users should connect only ten devices and four devices while watching movies or other connections. This gives users to connect even while traveling through smartphones or laptops.

Telangana and Andhra Pradesh state users can launch the app on their TV through simple steps. Note aha app is not limited to Telugu users but is accessible to other users who can understand the Telugu language. The application is premium but offers a three-day free subscription for new users.

how to install & activate aha app on smart tv
How to Install & activate aha app on smart tv

Requirements for Installing AHA APP

  • Android TV
  • Internet connection
  • Android version 5.0

How to Install AHA Application on TV

Installation process

  • First, turn your Android TV and connect to the Internet.
  • Go to Android apps on your TV and open the Samsung store (for Samsung TV case) or open the play store on your device.
  • Enter the name aha app on the search bar, click the app to start the installation process.
  • Give the process a few minutes, and once done, you can enjoy aha app services on your TV.
  • The process is applicable for all Android TVs.

How To Activate AHA APP On Smart TV

Activating aha app on your TV

Once the app is installed, the user should activate the app in the following steps.

  1. Go to the ‘aha app’ on your Android TV.
  2. Next select “pair TV code” to see the code on your TV.
  3. Open the app on your mobile phone and connect to TV by clicking “connect TV.”
  4. Key in the code on the TV screen on your mobile device.
  5. Recheck to ensure it is correct and select activate option.
  6. The system will automatically activate the ‘aha app .’ Users can watch web series and movies on their TV.

Features on AHA APP

  • Best Telugu original content.
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • A library of adult and kids entertainment such as aha Kids and aha world digital premieres.
  • Past and current movies
  • A simple search feature to allow the user to get their favourite movies fast.
  • Work both online and offline by allowing for offline viewing.
  • Better subscription choices.
  • It has parental control to help kids what suits them best.
  • Telugu language.
  • Available throughout.
  • Easy to install on Android TV.

AHA App Download link

Aha application is compatible with TV and also PC. However, one needs to use Blue Stacks to install the application on a PC. The app provides excellent entertainment, thus suiting all users, both individual, and family members.


  1. Which other devices can one install aha app?

The application is also accessible on PC through Blue Stacks. All Android TVs can accommodate aha app for better services. However, Android devices must be connected to the internet.