Police Clearance Certificate Apply Online, PCC Certificate Download 2024

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Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

A Police Clearance Certificate is crucial for individuals wanting to travel past their country. It ensures increased opportunities, opens doors to international travel and employment, and gives peace of mind to individuals and the institution they engage with. It is a vital document that helps maintain security, trust, and credibility in various aspects of life within and beyond the borders of India.

In India, PCC stands for police Clearance Certificate. It is an official document issued by the police authorities that certify an individual’s criminal status. The PCC certificate proves that the person has no criminal convictions or pending criminal cases within a specified jurisdiction or period. The certificate is often required for various purposes such as employment abroad, obtaining a visa, higher education, and even for certain government job applications.

Obtaining a PCC involves submitting an application to the local police authorities, undergoing a background check, and providing the necessary supporting documents. The PCC certificate is an essential document to demonstrate a person’s good character and ensure security and trustworthiness, particularly in international travel contexts.

Police Clearance Certificate Online

police clearance certificate apply online, pcc certificate download
Police clearance certificate apply online, PCC Certificate Download 2024

The PCC online platform

With the need for efficient administrative processes and advanced technology, the government of India recognized the importance of creating a centralized platform that would simplify and expedite the issuance of PCC. The PCC portal allows individuals to submit their applications, upload the required documents, and track the status of their applications online, as illustrated in this guide.

Documents Needed for PCC Application

The documents needed for application differ in the following categories;

  • Individuals going to ERC countries for employment
  • Those emigrating to non-ERC countries

Individuals Going to ERC Countries for Employment

Below is a list of ECR countries

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Sudan
  • Thailand
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Iraq
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Syria
  • Indonesia
  • Afghanistan
  • Libya
  • Bahrain
  • Malaysia

Skilled Individuals

  1. Address proof
  2. A copy of a valid visa
  3. A self-attested copy of an employment contract with a foreign employer
  4. An old passport with copies of the first two and last two pages, page of observation, and Non- ERC/ ERC page

Unskilled Women Workers of Over 30 Years

  1. Present address proof
  2. A valid visa (copy)
  3. Copies of self-attest of employment contract with a foreign employer
  4. A self-attested photocopy of the first two and the last two pages of an old passport, an old passport ERC/ non-ERC page, and a page of observation

Skilled Individuals Via A Recruiting Agent

  1. Current address proof
  2. Original employment contract copy
  3. Copies of Power of attorney and demand letter from a foreign employer duly attested by a Recruiting Agent
  4. Old passport with self-attested copies of the first two and the last two pages, ERC/Von ERC page, and page of observation
  5. Photocopies of valid registration certificates issued by the Protectorate of Emigrants, Ministry of Overseas India Affairs, Government of India

Unskilled Individuals Via Recruiting Agents

  1. Photocopy of POE-issued registration certificate
  2. Copies of employment contract
  3. Copies of demand letter and power of attorney from foreign employer, attested by a concerned Indian Mission

Those immigrating to non-ERC countries

Individuals wishing to migrate to non-ERC countries need to avail of the following documents to acquire a PCC;

  • Long-term visa/ employment contract
  • A documented proof of residential status
  • Current address proof
  • An old passport containing a self-attested photocopy of the first two and the last two pages, observation pages, and ERC/Non-ERC page

How to Apply Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Steps to apply for PCC online

For candidates to acquire a PCC, they should follow the application procedure indicated below;

  1. Navigate to the official website of the Indian Embassies and Consulate at https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in.
  2. Proceed to the Passport Seva portal on the homepage and make registrations or log in with your login credentials.
  3. Locate the Apply for Police Certificate on the next window and tap on it
  4. Fill up the Application form with the correct details and submit
  5. Proceed by tapping the Pay and Schedule Appointment option in the View Saved/ Submitted Applications section
  6. Make payments using your preferred payment gateway, then print the application receipt. The application receipt contains the Application reference number
  7. Ensure you make a schedule for your appointment in the portal

PCC Certificate Application Status Check

The procedure to check the PCC Application status

  • Plunge into the Passport Seva Portal official website at https://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/welcomeLink
  • On the redirected webpage, select your application type from the passport, PCC, GEP, and IC options.
  • Input the 13-digit application reference number and the birth date on the designated fields.
  • Choose the Track Status option to reveal the PCC application status


  1. What is Police Clearance Certificate in India?

In India, PCC stands for police Clearance Certificate. It is an official document issued by the police authorities that certify an individual’s criminal status.

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Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)