Phonepe Limit Per Day | Phonepe Transaction Limit Per Day 2024

Phonepe Limit Per Day | Phonepe Transaction Limit Per Day 2024. Daily Limit for your Phonepe wallet. Phonepe Transaction Limit Per Day More info at


The Phonepe is a legalized payment option in India and works with millions of merchants. The application offers ease of financial transaction. One can receive, send and pay utility bills using the Phonepe app. To suit each user’s needs, Phonepe developers have implemented 11 languages, thus accommodating most users. Phonepe was established in 2015 December and had a significant financial impact. It has offered money security, reducing the need to carry cash or visit the banks.

Phonepe Limit Per Day

The UPI application allows for all kinds of money transfers based on the user’s preference. Nonetheless, Phonepe users have a daily limit set by app developers per the RBI and government orders. The Indian Government offered an order allowing Phonepe transactions of up to Rs. 3 lakhs (3,00,000 INR) per day.

The limitations may affect positively or negatively according to the user’s needs. RBI has increased Phonepe UPI limits from Rs.10,000/- to Rs.20,000/- per day. The changes took effect early this year (2021).

Phonepe Limit Per Day

Phonepe Transaction Limit Per Day

The Phonepe app is easily compatible with the user’s bank account. One can make payments using credit cards easily. However, the app has some restrictions where one can only transact Rs.1 lakh (₹ 1,00,000) per day and Rs 20,000 UPI transactions as directed by the RBI.

Phonepe Wallet to Bank Transfer

Phonepe has direct access to the bank account; the user needs to add the bank account as the beneficiary. The apps allow for Rs. 1,00,000 per month, limiting users from using more than One lakh Rupees from Phonepe account to Bank account.

Phonepe Daily Limit for Your Wallet

Financial wallets are designed to offer money transaction ease. However, each wallet has a limit set by the app developers for security purposes. Phonepe provides users a limit of Rs. 1,00,000 (Rs. 1 lakh) as a risk policy. To top up the wallet, one can directly recharge using a debit card, credit card, and BHIM UPI. Phonepe has extended its limits not just on daily limits but monthly (Rs. 10,000) and yearly limits (Rs.1,20,000). Cash withdrawal or purchasing from merchants also limits users based on the amount set by Phonepe. One can only debit Rs. 10,000/- per month.

Note the limits are adjusted to a considerable amount which is beneficial to the user. It helps one budget for essential things and not overuse the money. Banks, financial institutions, and apps have a set limit and follow the RBI and government guidelines.

UPI Influence on Financial Transactions in India

RBI launched UPI in 2016; it has significantly spread among all citizens and eased the money transaction. The payment system is improving daily, helping citizens gain financial freedom and flexibility. RBI works to ensure digitalization is incorporated with financial institutions to help make Indian residents transact fast and safely without visiting the bank. RBI contributes to setting daily, monthly, and yearly transaction limits for all financial wallets.

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  1. What is Phonepe?

    Phonepe app is a financial wallet legalized by RBI to help users send, receive, pay bills, and recharge. The app is connected to the user’s bank account for direct credit or debit services.

  2. Why does Phonepe have a daily, monthly, and annual limit?

    Phonepe limits users from exceeding a particular amount when withdrawing or transferring cash from bank account to app. This prevents misuse and also helps in securing the account and money. In case of theft or fraud, the fraudsters cannot withdraw the whole amount since there is a limit.

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  4. Phonepe Transaction Limit Per Day

    Rs. 1 lakh