PM Kisan FPO Yojana 2024 Apply Online Application Registration Process

2024 PM Kisan FPO yojana online Registration application process: benefits, features. PM kisan fpo yojana 2024 Apply Online at (or)

PM Kisan FPO Yojana

The Indian central and state government highly consider farming activities and farmers. The government ensures to launch significant schemes to offer financial and farmer-related support. From 2019-2020 to 2024-25, the central government established a beneficial scheme, namely PM Kisan FPO Yojana, to help all farmers collectively. The Famer Producer Organization scheme for 2024 is open to all small and marginal farmers.

The government aims at opening 10 000 FPOs within the five-year tenure. This will significantly assist eligible farmers in producing more and building the country’s economic status. To avail of the FPO scheme benefits, the government requires farmers to form groups, thus tackling farming issues together. The groups (10-11 farmers) will receive a set of Rs. 15 lakhs per group. Every group gets an equal share of the finances to help cover all the farming activities.

The schemes are handy to relieve farmers from requesting loans with high-interest rates. The loans have burdened farmers since some can’t pay due to crop failure or low produce. The PM Kisan FPO Yojana provides regular funds for the set years to ensure continuity in production.

PM Kisan FPO Yojana

SFAC Scheme and the FPO Scheme

The government of Indian offers comprehensive help to farmers to cover the production and marketing issues. The SFAC scheme (Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium) is a popular and registered scheme under the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation, and Farmers Welfare. The scheme is joining to help small and marginal farmers register and understand more about the FPO scheme. SFAC assists farmers in forming groups and registering the companies to benefit from the PM Kisan FPO funds.

Features and Benefits of PM Kisan FPO scheme

  • The FPO scheme funds farmers in groups of 11 members. Eligible farmers will receive funds, farm products, and market for their produce.
  • FPO scheme is a direct scheme that eliminates the need for intermediaries. This will help farmers make direct profits from farms to direct markets or customers.
  • PM Kisan FPO scheme unites all farmers in the country, making it hard to exploit any farmer regardless of the farm produce.
  • Farmers don’t require to request loans in other financial facilities as they can have continuous benefits from the government.
  • The FPO is a legal scheme developed by the government, making it safe for farmers to invest.
  • All small and marginal farmers get recognition in their farming activities.

Required Documents for the PM Kisan FPO Scheme

  • Identity proof documents: Aadhaar card, PAN card, DL, voter’s ID, and more.
  • Address proof documents
  • Land documents
  • Ground measles
  • Recent passport photo

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant should be a regular farmer (farming career)
  • They must be an Indian citizen
  • The applicant should provide cultivation land and no other activities should be taking place.
  • Registered farmers under the Companies Act and Cooperative Society laws are eligible for the FPO scheme.

How to Apply PM Kisan FPO Yojana Online 2024

  1. Open the PM Kisan FPO Yojana website page link
  2. or
  3. Select the “farmer’s corner” option to proceed.
  4. Next, click “farmer registration” > enter your Aadhaar card to open the application form.
  5. Enter all the required information and fill in the captcha code for verification.
  6. Review the information, and if correct, select submit button.

PM Kisan FPO Yojana 2024 Registration Form

PM Kisan FPO Registration Through eNAM Portal

  1. Go to the eNAM website
  2. Select the “registration” option
  3. on the menu to open the registration form 2024
  4. Choose the type of registration
  5. Enter the identity and address details. The applicant also requires banking information and basic information.
  6. Recheck the information
  7. Click the “submit” button to complete the registration process.

What are the eligibility criteria for the PM Kisan FPO scheme?

  • The government allows for small and marginal farmers to apply.
  • An applicant should be an Indian citizen
  • They should have land for cultivation
  • Registered groups under the Companies Acts can also apply.


  1. What is PM Kisan FPO?

    The Farmer Producer Organization is a legal farmers’ scheme designed by the government to help small and marginal farmers. The farmers from small groups of 11 members receive the financial benefits for the government. The SFAC scheme under the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation also assists the government in mobilizing and creating Companies (FPOs).

  2. How many FPOs does the government plan to establish?

    The government aims to promote 10 000 FPO and offer Rs. 15 lakhs for each FPO.

  3. SFAC full form

    Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC)