How to Apply for Railway E Pass & PTO Online For Railway Employees

The new online E-pass and PTO for Railway employees under the HRMS project. Railway employees E- pass & PTO & online tickets 2024 booking by railway privilege pass & PTO at HRMS APP

Railway Employees E-Pass for Booking Tickets

After a long manual pass issuance process, the railway board chairman has implemented a new digitalized system (24th August 2020). The Railway online E-pass Human Resources Management system (HRMS) is developed and managed by CRIS.

The Railway E-HRMS portal is designed for all Indian railway employees to avail themselves of various services. The launch was directed through a video conferencing addressing the FC/Railways, board members, CMD/IRCTC, MD/CRIS, GMs, PCPOS, PCCMS PFAs, and DRMs.

HRMS Railway Pass Apply Online

Services Available at the Railway HRMS

HRMS portal will ease work for the government and Railway employees. The government and railway board can send notices and the essential information to all employees at once. It provides transparency in the sector and accountability of all resources. Railway employees don’t have to use the manual process to gain the pass or other services. They can avail of the following services:

  • Information on salary increments
  • Promotions and awards.
  • Transfers.
  • Leave details
  • New posting and training programs.
  • Retirement benefits
  • The compositionsfamily according to the records and nominations for retirement benefits.

Currently, the board is still modifying the portal and once completed, the services will be available. The new HRMS will be implemented in different phases to have all employees under the portal. The process will digitalize all the railway systems.

Applicants can use a mobile app or website portal to access the E-pass and other services. The system will be introduced by 1st October 2020, while the retired employees can access the portal from January 2020. For more visit India railways (HRMS) Human Resources Management system at

Declaration of Manual Passes and Pass for the Family

  • The applicant should contact the pass clerk for entry of the pass manually.
  • After the clerk’s entry, select the option “pass” followed by “pass set list menu.”
  • Next, click the “confirm” button. Check for any mistake, and if any, click the option “return to clerk.” This will return the pass for modification to the pass clerk.
  • Now click confirm after the modifications. Proceed to the family declaration.
  • Select the option “pass” then “family declaration” on the menu.
  • Choose all members of the pass family declaration. Next, provide the reasons and proof (optional) and click the submit button.
  • The declaration is then sent to the pass clerk for completion.
  • Once the pass clerk approves the declaration, the employee can apply for an e-pass.
How to Apply for Railway E Pass & PTO Online For Railway Employees
Railway E Pass

Railway E-pass Application of the HRMS Portal

  1. On the menu, select the option “pass” followed by “pass set list.”
  2. Proceed and select the option “pass type” click “privilege pass.”
  3. Next, click the “go” button; the system will show two options:
    • The entitled and available
    • Full/half pass sets
  4. Continue and click the tab, “Available-full set-count.”
  5. The system will open a new pass application page; all previous applications not submitted will reflect on the page. You can edit the application by clicking the edit button. For a new application, select the option “New application form.”
  6. The system will open a new application form, and the details will reflect on the page. Enter the traveling details and choose the family members to include on the pass.
  7. Now click the save as draft button followed by the submit button.
  8. Next, forward the application to the pass clerk for approval.
  9. Employees can also check Berth entitlement select the tab “check berth/seat entitlement” next to the application.
  10. The portal will show the information on the screen.

For more information please visit Indian railways Human Resources Management system (HRMS) portal website at