SADAREM Certificate in Telangana Apply Online, Status Check, Download

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Sadarem Certificate Telangana

Telangana State government values all citizens despite their caste or disability status. The Government issues special provisions to anyone with a particular condition to ensure they receive quality services. The SADAREM is unique software designed to empower people with disabilities in Telangana, especially in rural areas. Individuals under the SADAREM system can avail of their certificates online easily. The system is referred to as Software for Assessment of Disable for Access Rehabilitation and Empowerment (SADAREM).

The system works under the Government of Telangana in collaboration with the scientific community and other organizations caring for people with disabilities. The platform offers multiple services from academics or professionals. The SADAREM certificate is a legal document for disabled individuals issued through the SADAREM portal. However, the applicant must qualify or align with the set guidelines. The certificate is coded with 17-digits, and the user receives an identity card online.

sadarem certificate telangana

Available Details on SADAREM Software

  • SADAREM certificate.
  • Identity card
  • Reports
  • Pension certificate
  • Note order
  • Beneficiary list
  • Application details.

Applicable Disabilities Under the SADAREM System

People with the following disabilities can utilize the portal:

  • Visual impairment.
  • Hearing impairment
  • Mental illness and retardation.
  • Locomotor or OH
  • Multiple disabilities.

Benefits of the SADAREM Telangana System

  • The government aims to digitalize various activities for easy access.
  • SADAREM helps in rehabilitation and empowerment.
  • Digital transformation helps increase users’ capabilities.
  • It’s easy to collect data on disabled individuals in the state and plan various incentives.
  • The platform helps the user gain their identity and certificate without struggles.

How to Apply SADAREM Certificate in Telangana State

Steps to attain SADAREM Certificate in Telangana

  • The eligible applicant should book an online slot at the MeeSeva Centers.
  • After booking, the individual must visit the center for biometrics: fingerprints, iris, name, and address details.
  • The candidate should attend SADAREM camps set on particular days.
  • Here qualified specialists will check the candidates by providing some medical tests and determining the disability percentage.
  • After the specialist provides the final report, they will download and sign the certificate.
  • The specialist will upload the certificate and ID card after signing.
  • The candidate will go to the MeeSeva center and pay Rs.35. Here, they can download the certificate with the 17-digit number and identity card.

TS SADAREM Certificate Status Check Online

Steps to check the SADAREM certificate status online

  • Visit the TS SADAREM website portal via the link
  • Open the homepage, and select the “quick search” tab to open a new page.
  • Click the SADAREM ID option to check their status.
  • Enter your 17-digit SADAREM ID in the search section.
  • A user without their ID number can choose the district, Mandal, village, name, and relation name.
  • Recheck the details and press the search option to get the status on the screen.

Required Document for Telangana SADAREM Certificate Status Check 

To avail certificate status, one can use the following details:

  • Pension ID
  • Aadhaar ID
  • Ration card.

To download the certificate, candidates need to visit the MeeSeva centers. The respective officer will provide the certificate from the official page.


  • Who is eligible for the SADAREM certificate?
    • Visual impairment.
    • Hearing impairment
    • Mental illness and retardation.
    • Locomotor or OH
    • Multiple disabilities
  • What is the official website link for the SADAREM portal?

Applicants can open the link