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Odisha Grievance

Public grievances are often ignored by the government, thus making situations deteriorate. However, the Odisha state citizens can now access the government and public information and acts. The introduction of the Sanjog helpline has significantly improved the communication state situation.

The helpline is a legal facility created as a central grievance redressal system for all citizens. The Directorate of public grievances DPG working with the Government of Odisha has implemented the facility. Having a citizen’s grievances in mind, citizens have the right to speak up on any government program.

Sanjog Helpline

The government will have direct information from the citizens. To implement this idea, citizens can use the following modes:

  • Calling the toll-free number 155335.
  • Email address
  • Fax
  • Using a ticket number developed from the link

The government ICT department has ensured all grievances will reach the right department and authority for redressal.

Sanjog helpline

Sanjog Helpline Objectives

The sole objective of creating the Sanjog helpline state call center. It’s to help the Orissa state citizens provide their complaints to the right department to be resolved. The portal connects the government to citizens, who can provide information about government deeds.

Features of Sanjog Helpline

  • It’s a single-window service for all citizens to state their complaints.
  • The portal is set to deliver the grievance to the right department or authority directly.
  • The Sanjog helpline has direct channels of communication.

The Sanjog helpline is designed to receive complaints from citizens of Odisha. The services are available from 9 am to 5 pm at the call center. The grievance is registered in the computer databases. The unique intelligent system ensures all grievances are directed through ICT technology. The system automatically tracks the status of the complaint and taking action according to the status.

For grievance disposal, only the authorized personnel can access and update the database. They can use SMS or email from the website. Suppose no action is taken on a particular complaint. The system will automatically push the compliant to the higher authority. Sanjog helpline has an inbuilt MIS, which checks the performance of the officers and officers.

How the Sanjog Helpline Works

  • The Odisha citizens can call the Toll-free number 155335 and send Fax’s email to register the complaint.
  • The Sanjog Call center executive (CCE)will receive the call/email/text and then register the system’s grievance.
  • After registration, the system sends an SMS to the concerned authority. The action taking authority to receive consolidated Fax for his/her area once they receive the grievance.
  • The action taking authority will reply to the complaint within the regulated period. They can call the same toll-free number as the registered ticket number.
  • All grievances which don’t get attended to within the said period. They will automatically move to the higher authority office for action.
  • The authority will send an email to the concerned department to take action immediately.


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