Sevaarth Chandigarh Employee Salary Slip 2024 Online Details at

2024 Chandigarh Employee Online payslip Details. Chandigarh Employee Salary Slip 2024 Download Online & esalary chandigarh Details at Sevaarth Chandigarh Portal at

Handling numerous employees is tasking and requires extra caution to ensure every employee’s needs are met. Indian state governments are shifting to digital platforms that simultaneously accommodate thousands of employees and services. It’s easy for private and public companies to coordinate their employees and fulfil multiple services using advanced systems.

The Chandigarh state is among the advanced states in India using electronic systems to manage their employees. All government department employees can avail salary details like payslip, loans, advances, pay increases, allowances and more through the online portal. The government utilizes the platforms to ensure all departments work under single services for easy follow-up.


Sevaarth IFMS (Integrated Finance Management System) is a unique portal designed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC). The centralized service helps the Chandigarh government to handle all government employees’ details online. Employees must register to avail of different services without visiting the head offices. Sevaarth IFMS is open to all states in India, meaning employees from Haryana or Punjab who work in Chandigarh can also access the portal.

Sevaarth IFMS Chandigarh

Employees working under different government sectors can access the Sevaarth portal using login details. The salary slips are regularly updated, giving the user a chance to view and download the document easily. Besides salary information, the Chandigarh government uses the portal to send notices, and department information, make payments and collect employee history. The finance department can transfer salaries fast to avoid delays or miscalculations.

Chandigarh Pay Slip 2024 Download at Sevarth IFMS Login

Steps to download employee salary slip online: An employee can opt to avail their salary payslip to conduct several services such as loan applications, job applications, and reference details like UAN number. Payslip holds different information from employee’s name, employee code/number, UAN number, department, etc. After viewing the slip, the user can download it using the steps below.

  1. Visit the Sevaarth IFMS website portal using the link “
  2. Open the homepage
  3. Click the “e-Salary” option under the “common services” tab.
  4. Press the login button and key in your login ID and password
  5. Review the details, and click submit button to open the employee page.
  6. Proceed to the dashboard menu and select the preferred payslip from the list
  7. Enter the month and year of the payslip you want to download.
  8. Next, click view payslip
  9. And it is okay to select the download/print option to get the document on your device.


How to Login to Chandigarh Sevaarth Portal

Step by step to Chandigarh Sevaarth Portal Login

  1. Go to the Sevaarth website portal link
  3. Select the “know your salary” tab under the essential links.
  4. Enter your username and password to continue.
  5. Next, key in the captcha code and press the login button.
  6. The page will open various options; the user can view their salary slips here.
  7. To download the payslip enter the month and year of the payslip and press the download button.

Benefits of Salary Slip to Chandigarh Government Employees

  • Employee salary slips to act as employment proof documents.
  • The document helps should salary break down like allowances, PF amount, loans, deductions, etc.
  • Payslip allows users to request loans at financial institutions.


  1. Can an employee create their password for the Sevaarth website?

    No, the department DDO officer provides all login credentials, which are unique to every employee. After the first login, the employee can create their preferred password.

  2. Who helps in managing the Sevaarth website?

    Every department has a DDO officer who manages the portal and employees’ details online.

  3. Sevaarth Employee’s Corner Portal link

    Direct link: