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PSRM Certificate

Tamil Nadu state offers high-end quality education to all students. The state allows candidates to participate in their studies using the Tamil language. TN State offers a system that qualifies students with Tamil medium studies. The PSTM (Person Studied in Tamil Medium) purely means the user has completed their secondary school certificate, high secondary school, degree, and post-graduate in Tamil medium.

PSTM candidates take all subjects and exams in Tamil; the system exempts English and Hindi subjects. The students should have studied from stand 1 to 10 and other education categories in Tamil language only.Students under the program can avail of different benefits like 20 percent reservation in various vacancies by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission.Eligible PSTM students need to provide a PSTM certificate to access jobs or other opportunities from the government.

PSRM Certificate
PSRM Certificate

Tamil Nadu PSMT Certificate Issuance

The following authorized persons can issue the PSTM Certificate:

  • The headmaster
  • Principals of private schools
  • College principal
  • Registrars of University
  • Registrars of colleges
  • Dean of University.

If the school or college doesn’t have a principal or senior officer, the District collector can provide students with a PSTM certificate.

Required Document for PSTM Certificate

  • Applicant’s school/college leaving certificate
  • Final mark sheet for qualifying exam.
  • An application for PSTM in the Tamil language
  • Good character certificate
  • No objection certificate from the head of the department.

Available Details on PSTM Certificate

A valid PSTM certificate should have the following details:

  • Name of student.
  • The start and end year of study in an educational institution.
  • Name of school/college
  • Qualifying exam: SSC, HSC, Bachelor’s degree, technical education degree, etc.
  • Name of the issuing officer.
  • Designation of issuing officer
  • An official stamp of the school
  • Date of issue of the PSTM certificate.

PSTM Certificate Apply Online in Tamilnadu

Procedure to Apply for PSTM Certificate

  • The student must write an application to the authorized personnel (Headmaster, principal, registrar, or senior official).
  • Enter your name, class, year, semester, and academic year.
  • Next, attach the required documents.
  • Review your details and submit the form at the respective office.

How to Download PSTM Certificate

Students need to download their PSTM certificate in PDF form from the website. The authorized users should sign the form and avail an official stamp. After getting the certificate, the candidate can request different vacancies in the government departments.

New PSTM certificate instructions

  • Certificate holders must provide a PSTM certificate for all classes they have studied.
  • However, students who studied in the same school from standard 1 to 10 can avail one PSTM certificate.
  • Candidates who attended different schools need to provide PSTM certificates from each school.
  • If the student took different streams during their study, they don’t qualify for PSTM certificate and job reservations.

Note students should fill the certificate using their handwriting. However, the institution official (headmaster, principal, etc.) should fill, enter their signature and stamp the form.


  1. Where can I get the PSTM certificate?

    Candidates should get their PSTM certificate from their respective schools/colleges. The headmaster, principal, and registrar of the institution should provide the certificate.

  2. How many PSTM certificates should I present?

    Students can get PSTM from every institution they have studied in TN State. However, candidates who have studied in one institution can get one certificate indicating all classes’ details.

  3. PSTM full form?

    Person Studied in Tamil Medium (PSTM)