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Vidya Lakshmi

The Indian government has always launched various education schemes. To help students with financial constraints. To achieve their academic goals and venture in better career paths. These have raise literacy levels high in the country and produced essential people in society. Among the education scheme in India is the Vidya Lakshmi education scheme. It was designed for the student who wants to study abroad and India.

Vidya Lakshmi Portal

The Vidya Lakshmi portal is an education loan portal attached to a different bank in the country to help boost student financially. The portal was established by NSDL e-Governance infrastructure limited, which works under the department of financial services (Ministry of finance). The department of higher education (Ministry of Human resources). The Vidya Lakshmi is also associated with IBA. An eligible student can access the portal to get full details about the loans.

Eligibility criteria for Vidya Lakshmi Loan

For students willing to apply, there are few eligibility criteria to fulfil.

  • The loan must be developed from the IBA model education loan scheme.
  • The family income shouldn’t be more than Rs. 4.5 lakhs per annum.
  • The applicant should be enrolled in NAAC and NBA accredited institutions. They can be from the institutions of national importance or central funded technical institutions.
  • Applicants from institutions which don’t work under the NAAC or NBA. They need approval from the respective body.
Vidya Lakshmi Portal

Features of Portal

  • The applicant can apply for an educational loan through different banks at the portal.
  • It’s not required to submit multiple application forms to get the education loan.
  • From the site, you can get information about different education schemes.
  • The banks can access your application from the portal.
  • They can also upload the loan processing status on the portal.
  • The government has designed a grievance centre on the portal.
  • User can link the National scholarship portal to Vidya Lakshmi portal. To avail information and application details of government scholarships.

Eligible applicants can enquire about loan interest from the official portal. However, the rates depend on the bank issuing the loan.

Vidya Lakshmi Registration 2024 Process

The applicant needs to register and apply through the Vidya Lakshmi website portal.

  1. Go to the Vidya Lakshmi website portal.
  2. On the homepage, click “register”
  3. Next enter the required details: Name, mobile number, and email id.
  4. The page will show the terms and conditions and click submit button.
  5. The portal will send an activation link to your email id.
  6. Click on the link to activate your account.

What is the Login Process?

Once you register, you can access the portal using the login credentials. Use the steps below to login.

  1. Open the official website page and click login.
  2. Click on the student login tab and enter the email id and password.
  3. Direct link:
  4. Next, enter the captcha code on the screen and click submit.

How to Search for Vidya Lakshmi Education Loan

  1. Login to the Vidya Lakshmi website and log in your credentials.
  2. On the menu, choose the option “search for the loan scheme.”
  3. Click on the appropriate tab under the options location of study, course and loan amount.
  4. Now click the search button to proceed.
  5. The system will open a list of banks and the respective loan schemes.

The Vidya Lakshmi Application Form process

  • After searching for the education loans schemes, on the portal, select the nearest bank branch for applying to the education loan.
  • The system will direct you to a new page, enter all required documents on the common education loan application form (CELAF).
  •  The page will show seven options: heading of instructions, basic information, personal information, present banker details, course details, and cost of financial information and upload documents.
  • Fill all details and recheck the information once you confirm its okay click submit and save button.
  • Select the option “next” button.
  • The application form only applies to an individual bank and education loan.

After applying for the education loan, the applicant can check the status. Through an online website, open the portal and select application status from the menu.

  1. Which is the Nodal bank when applying for CSIS scheme?

    For CSIS scheme applicants can check from the Canara Bank India.

  2. What is the moratorium period after I avail central sector interest subsidy scheme?

    The total moratorium period is one year and beyond according to the bank.

  3. Can I apply for an education loan to fund a vocational course?

    Yes, applicants can receive a loan for a vocational training course too.