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The VRL tracking: VRL Logistics Track online | VRL transport tracking with consignment number at https://www.vrlgroup.in/track_consignment.aspx. VRL logistics track links are given below

VRL Tracking

The VRL is a famous courier company which holds a rich history and humble beginning. It was established in 1976 in a small town in North Karnataka. The company started with a single truck and later expanded, buying more trucks for the courier. Today VRL is the largest and popular logistic transport company in India; it has over 4107 vehicles, which include 368 public transport vehicles and 3739 good transport vehicles.

The VRL company serves all Indian citizens by delivering their goods safely and on time. The company has a reputation for great services again. The company is not just a logistics company but also a cargo and chartering service company. They have over 1013 branches in the country and plan to expand to help serve Indian citizens.

VRL Logistics Tracking

VRL logistics track official website https://www.vrlgroup.in/cr/Lrtrack.aspx

How to Track VRL Logistics Consignment?

Applicant track their goods is to use their track number on the VRL website page, and the results will display. However, one can follow the simple steps below:

  1. Visit the VRL Tracking official website link https://www.vrlgroup.in/track_consignment.aspx
  2. On the homepage key in your consignment number/reference number in the form provided on the page.
  3. Recheck the number and then click the track option.
  4. The system will provide the current status and the location of your goods/package.

The portal also helps the applicant/ cargo owner learn the vehicle number, official loading date, location, and remarks.

For any enquires the cargo owner can contact the number 0836-2307800


VRL Tracking
VRL Tracking

What is the VRL Consignment Number?

A consignment number (LR no) is a permanent reference number provided to identify your shipment. It helps in checking the status of your cargo or goods. The consignment number is the easiest way to trace your belonging; all items have a unique number provided on each good.

Cargo owners need to enter the number in the VRL website page for track. All details will reflect on the page. They can also make complaints about the goods if they detail or in bad shape.

VRL Logistics Tracking Customer Care Number

Phone Number0836-2307800 (or) 1800 599 7800


  1. VRL Logistics Tracking Website

    Direct link: https://www.vrlgroup.in/track_consignment.aspx

  2. VRL logistics tracking customer care number

    Toll Free : 1800 599 7800