7th Pay Commission Latest News 2021 | Latest on 7th cpc Implementation

The Seventh CPC Pay Commission Latest News 2021 | Latest on 7th cpc Implementation | 7th pay commission latest news for defence pensioners at doe.gov.in

7th Pay Commission

The pay commission is a legal platform created to help suggest changes in central government employees’ salary structure.  The commission was to be established in 2016 January and is headed by AK Mathur. It suggested a salary and allowance increase of 23.55% in all central government sectors. Employees are still waiting for the rise to happen for both pay and allowances. There are several updates on the 7th pay commission as follows:

  • The government has revised the pension limit for teaching and non-teaching staff of the central and state government. The increase will benefit 25,000 pensioners of the Central Universities, deemed universities, and university grants. Commission UGC maintained universities. The plan will also help 8lakh teaching and 15lakh non-teaching staff from public and affiliated universities.
  • The railway employees will benefit from the seventh pay commission. The employees will benefit from the leave travel concession. However, government employees and the spouse don’t benefit from the LTC since they have a free pass.
  • The central government employees are to receive a 25% pay increase but a slightly lower HRA.
7th Pay Commission Latest News
7th Pay Commission Latest News 2021

The recommendations of the 7th pay commission

The minimum pay for government employees.

A new employee at the entry-level will receive Rs—18,000 per month. For the experienced class 1 officer, they will get a minimum salary of Rs. 56,100/-.

The maximum pay for government employees

 The commission recommends a maximum increase of Rs. 2.5lakh for apex workers such as cabinet secretary.

Pay matrix

If the 7th pay commission goes through, the government employee’s salaries will not be decided by the grade pay system. However, the government will use a new pay matrix system.

A new pay structure

The new structure has included all the existing levels in the pay matrix with no additional hierarchy levels.

How to calculate 7th pay commission

You can use several 7th pay commission calculators, which will help you compute the total salary/pay package. 

  • First, enter the basic salary along with the pay band and grade pay.
  • Next, choose your transport allowance, location, and the percentage of the current HRA.
  • Now click the calculate button; the process will develop the revised salary structure.

The commission changes were expected to complete by August 2018.  All the salary details, allowances, and remunerations will take effect on the previous month.  However, the commission hasn’t clarified if all the arrears will occur at once or in installments.

The Indian government has increased the Dearness allowance from 3%to 12% for the government employees.  These take effect from January where they will receive 12% DA. The Madrassa teachers will also receive 7th commission salaries, thus promoting academic progress. There are changes in the retirement age where the constable will retire at the commandant age (senior superintendent of police)—the age shifts from 57 to 60.

The seventh pay commission is committed to ensuring all government employees from all levels are catered for salary-wise.  The employees wait eagerly for the new changes to take effect.

For more info please visit https://doe.gov.in/seventh-cpc-pay-commission