Anaaj Kharid Portal Punjab, Anaajkharid Login

Incredible Data on Anaaj Kharid Punjab Web Portal 2024 Registration. Anaaj Kharid Portal Punjab, Anaajkharid Login at

Anaaj Kharid

Agriculture covers a huge economic portion and allows countries to maintain food balance among the people. However, it’s the most challenging sector, especially for farmers who end up making small profits due to intermediaries, market fluctuations, or lack of market. This reduces production, with many farmers opting to venture into other income-generating projects.

To curb farming problems, Indian (state and central governments) introduce programs that financially support farmers regardless of the market rates. Farmers register and avail multiple benefits from machinery, seeds, proper market prices, direct sales, etc…

The Punjab State government has implemented a unique farmers’ platform through Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. The Anaj (Anaaj) Kharid portal is an open system designed for Kharif cops. State farmers and millers can check crucial information such as Aarthiya’s license, registration procedure, grain procurement, applicable fees, paddy details, and more. The official link is open to all millers and farmers once the registration process is complete.

The Consumer Affairs and Food Supplies Department helps manage and monitor the Anaaj Kharid portal. This gives farmers assurance of better services from the Punjab State government on grain procurement.

Anaaj Kharid Portal

anaaj kharid portal punjab, anaajkharid login
Anaaj kharid portal punjab, Anaajkharid login at

Eligibility Criteria for Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal

The registration process is open to eligible users as follows:

  • Punjab permanent residents.
  • Applicant should have crop and income data.
  • Punjab farmers and millers.

Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal Features and Benefits

  • The government will easily maintain the Public Distribution System (PDS) of grains.
  • Easy registration process on phone or computer.
  • The Anaaj Kharid portal allows for quick and easy grain procurement.
  • State residents can check registered millers/mills online.
  • Farmers and millers will attain all grain and payment information under the Anaaj Kharid portal.

Documents to Present for Anaaj Kharid’s Registration 2024

After confirming the eligibility, the user needs to provide the following documents:

  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Residential documents
  • A recent passport photo
  • Income certificate
  • A cancel cheque.

Anaaj Kharid Punjab Portal Registration 2024

Simple steps for Anaaj Kharid Punjab portal registration.

Registration is pretty easy once you provide the required documents.

  • The available Anaaj Kharid Punjab portal link is
  • Registration options will open on the homepage:
    • Farmers registration
    • Millers registration
  • Choose the correct tab to fill in the following details:
    • Account type (Indian resident)
    • Login options: Aadhaar number of Anaaj Kharid ID
  • Go for the Aadhaar number options > verify button.
  • Proceed to fill in the mandatory data and confirm the mobile number.
  • Recheck the information and provide the captcha code.
  • Submit the details to register.

Anaajkharid Login

Login procedure on Anaaj Kharid portal. Based on registration, farmers and millers can log in to the portal.

  • Open the Anaaj Kharid Portal and click the “login” tab.
  • The login slots on username and password will open. Key in the proper credentials.
  • Next, enter the security code and go to the sign-in option.

Direct link:

Miller Online Certification Application on Anaaj Kharid Portal

  • Registered millers should log in and proceed to the “apply for provisional permission/ final registration of new rice mill” option.
  • One should authenticate the details via a mobile number.
  • Next, enter basic data such as:
    • District
    • Milling center
    • Mill name
    • Pan number
    • GST number
    • Milling type
    • Mobile number
    • Email address
  • Verify the details and select the submit tab to access the provisional permission.

Government incentives to millers

All registered mills, by the 31st January 2021, will receive 15% more on the total price for attained paddy. Also, millers who will complete the operation by the set Feb 2021 data will receive a 10% additional fee.

Anaaj Kharid Portal Contact Details

The portal contains active contact details as follows:

  • Helpline number: +91 77430-11156 or 77430-1157
  • Email ID:


  1. Who runs the Anaaj Kharid portal?

    The Punjab state government, through the Consumer Affairs and Food Supplies Department, manages the Anaaj Kharid portal.

  2. Who is eligible for the Anaaj Kharid program?

    The portal is open to all Punjab farmers and millers.