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India provides youth with chances to express their rights through civil activities that bring peace to the country. The country’s authority has allowed legal youth groups to conduct various rallies and religious movements without restrictions. This gives young people a voice and leadership skills to become better leaders in future. The Bajrang Dal group is a popular Hindu nationalist militant group based in the Northern and central parts of India.

The organization contains Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s youth wing, which was developed on 8th October 1984. Bajrang Dal has gained traction in India as many young adults register for membership each year.

Bajrang Dal group’s primary aim is Hindu religion and cultural practices. The group protects temples Hindu religion and works against any terrorist groups that may affect the country’s youths or culture. Bajrang Dal’s name is derived from the famous Hindu deity Bajrang Bali. The organization helps build temples such as Ram Mandir temple Janmabhoomi Ayodhya, Krishna Janmabhoomi temple Mathura, and Kashi Vishwanath temple Varanasi. The Bajrang Dal organization is known for its slogan Seva, Suraksha and Sanskar (service, safety, and culture).

Bajrang Dal Membership

The group has been active since 1984 though facing a few challenges like revocation in 1992 due to the distraction of Babri Masjid. However, it revived after one year and has remained strong. Bajrang Dal authorities have improved group interaction by investing in social media platforms. Youths from different parts of India can join and follow the group on social platforms.

Today the organization records more than 5 lakhs active members, all standing strong for Indian and Hindu culture. To join the group interest, youths can use the Whatsapp service or the official website portal to complete registration.After registration, members must undertake any set activities at the temples or places as directed by the Bajrang Dal authorities.

Eligibility Criteria for Bajrang Dal Membership

To avail of the Bajrang Dal group, the applicant must fulfil the following qualities:

  • The applicant should be a permanent resident of India.
  • One must have an Aadhaar card.
  • They must be a believer in Hindu culture
  • The applicant should be a youth.

Believes and Services of the Bajrang Dal Organization

  • The group is against Hindu-Muslim marriages.
  • Members must voice against beef and cow protection or slaughtering.
  • Bajrang Dal members help in building and repairing temples and religious places.
  • They help in eradicating social evils.
  • Assisting in providing free education in backward areas.
  • Teach youths about the importance of Hindu culture.
  • Help with blood donations.
  • Help poor people in society.

Bajrang Dal’s recent social occasions

Bajrang Dal invites members and youth from all over India to participate in different activities such as games. On April 16th April 2022, the group organized a special bike rally which saw more than 2 lakhs bike riders register for the rally. The activity took place in Hyderabad from GowliGuda to Tadbund Hanuman temple. This helps build unity among the young people as they interact from different states of India.

Bajrang Dal Join Online Registration 2024

The procedure of joining Bajrang Dal 2024 Membership

  1. Open the Bajrang Dal website portal “
  2. Next, click the “volunteer link” to open several options
  3. The page will display the Seva in the temple and Satsang Bhartiya Abhiyan options on the screen.
  4. Click the volunteer membership registration 2024 And enter your email ID.
  5. The application page will open;
  6. Fill out the registration form with required details like name, address and mobile number. Review the details and click submit button.

Join Bajrang Dal Online

Download Bajrang Dal Membership ID Card

  • After submitting the registration details, the system will verify, Approve and provide a membership ID card.
  • Login to the website and click the membership download link option to avail the card in PDF on your device.

Contact Details

For more details on Bajrang Dal members and interested applicants, call +9111 26103495, 080 26604641 or fax +9111 26195527.

Delhi Phone Number+9111- 26103495
Bengaluru Phone Number080-26604641


  1. What is the aim of the Bajrang Dal group?

    The organisation helps uphold the Hindu culture and helps develop temples in the country.

  2. Who can join Bajrang Dal membership?

    Youth from any part of India are eligible to join.

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