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The BBMP Property Tax Payment Online 2021-22. Bangalore property tax (BBMP) online process at Receipt print, Challan print, Application form 2021-2022 print online step by step process.

BBMP Property Tax

Bangalore Property tax is the main source of income for many state governments in India. The tax is attached to many developmental activities such as maintaining the state public utilities, paying government employees, repairs and building of drainage system and many more. The Bangalore state government is one of the governments taking the property tax to digital levels and implementing an online payment system.

The Bangalore citizens can easily pay their property tax using the set website portal by the tax department.  The municipal authorities collect Bangalore property tax from all the property owners. The property owners pay the required amount to Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) where they receive all details about the value of their property and the amount to pay.

Bbmp Property Tax

About Bangalore Property Tax

BBMP is attached with a lot of details which the taxpayer should know, they have to comply with the authorities to avoid penalties. The BBMP checks on different issues which add up the property value and the amount to pay for each property owner. Here there are various issues to check:

  • The property classification, whether residential or commercial.
  • The annual value for your property.
  • Zonal classification and the dimensions of your property.
  • The Built-up area of each floor and the total built-up area of the property.
  • The basement and all floors of the property.

BBMP Property Tax Online Payment 2021-22

Property owners should pay their taxes on every financial year before the due dates. Any missed payments attract a certain percentage fine; however, early payments also comes with a discount of 5%.  The BBMP tax dates are before April 30th for all property owners. They can pay via the online process as follows:

  1. Go to the official BBMP property tax website portal.
  2. On the homepage, enter the SAS/ property identification number then click on “fetch” tab. The page will show details about the property owner. In case you cannot remember the application number click on the renewal application number button, next enter the previous year application for the SAS or PID number and proceed.
  3. The system will send the owner details using the previous year details, click “confirm” to proceed.
  4. A new page will show on the screen displaying a form IV, fill in all mandatory details as per your property.
  5. If the property owner wants to make any changes such as property usage, occupancy, dimensions and other related property details, they need to click on the proceed button. A new page will open producing form 5, enter the new changes and continue with the next process.
  6. Check in the information again before making an official payment. Now you can use the set payment modes from the portal. Select between online method or a use a challan to deposit it at the BBMP offices near you.
  7. For online payment property owners can use an e-wallet, debit card, credit card etc. The system will send a receipt after payment, note it might take 24 hours for the system to produce the receipt; however, it will still generate and post it on the portal.
  8. Download and print the receipt for reference.

Property tax forms OF BBMP

Property owners facing problems can contact the BBMP offices using the numbers:
Phone number080-229705555
Support line08022660000
BBMP contact numbers

Information on property tax zonal office numbers and payment due dates.

The Bangalore property tax payment official time is from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and 3:00 to 7:00 pm. Property owners can also pay their tax from the tax offices or using the helpline number and follow the instructions. Note tax payment after the said dates will attract 2% penalty per month; you can also pay the amount in two instalments to avoid the interest. The amount should be paid before April 30th where the BBMP gives a discount of 5% to property owners paying before the date.

Property Considerable for BBMP property tax

  • All residential property either for rent or for user residences.
  • Factory buildings
  • Office building and godowns.
  • Commercial buildings
  • Flats.

BBMP Property Calculation

Bangalore tax is calculated in three ways as follows:

  1. The annual rental value system

    BBMP calculates the gross yearly rent of the whole property and levies tax basing it on the anticipated value.

  2. Capital value system

    The market value of the property gives the amount of tax for the property.

  3. Unite area system

    The property tax is charged according to the property per-unit price of a carpet area.

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  1. i am facing the same problem the site is not oepning for me since three months. may be because I am NRI.

  2. everytime i go yo my ward office 179,iwill not be given challen they say server down how many times to go if i try online it says application no is not valid ,then how to pay tax arrears who is concerned person who is attending ,if govt wantsus to pay then let them make proper arrangements no body is bothered in ward office should i contact the DC to my jurisdiction , why so careless they work why higher authority not taking any steps on this persons

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    • I have also been also trying to access bbmp site from international location since April 2021 but the site does not open at all (not even now). I could make such online payments from international locations in the previous years.

      What are we supposed to do? Need some advice please.

  5. Sir, your online tax pay system is so cumbersome .Do not understand why,but cannot the property owners
    just enter the correct PID number and go ahead and pay the tax amount. What is the purpose of matching
    name and number,and then matching the OTP .This i think is not the platform for verification and should be used just receive the due tax amount. Please look at the matter in earnest .And make it more simple for the honest tax payers.

  6. Please accept international mobile number for OTP and/or send email. Also make sure the system accepts international credit card for transactions.

  7. When I try to pay property tax online for my reconstructed bldg error message is flashed as “pl enter usage details in column no. 9” even though every thing is entered. Should I visit ARO Office personally for tax payment because this is a new

  8. paying through online all these years but this time application no. and owner name mismatch pl. update and resolve the issues. for the year 2021-22

    • I have been trying to login to pay my property tax several times but still no luck.
      Please get the system fixed as your account holders need to pay the tax before the timeline of 30 June.
      This is getting ridiculous!

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    I have seen several complaints earlier during the previous month also.

    Can anyone update on the status?


  11. Unable to pay through
    Overseas Owner – Recently received Application No. but not able to access the above website.
    Please guide so as not to be defaulter & to be line with the State Govt. to pay our property tax.

  12. BBMP Portal seems to be like the BBMP . The staff are not interested in setting RIGHT the GLITCH they are having
    I have been trying to get through from April 01 , 2021 . BBMP states that a 5% discount will be given if the HOUSE TX is paid before Apr 30 , 2021 .
    Do these people in the BBMP care . TYPICAL of any GOVT DEPT .
    This is the sad status in our Country , where the people in the Govt should be of helpful nature , are arrogant , disdainful , corrupt , lacking in humaneness , being selfish , self centered , lacking in emotional quotient etc .

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  15. Not only i am unable to pay the tax on line even on the previous owners name although I have got the katha changed in 2019 and I was issued with a changed katha certificate the same has not been effected/updated in the system. Kindly arrange for the same.

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  20. Till last last year (2020-2021) it was a matter of minutes to arrange online payment. This year department has meddled with online payment system. So I am forced to take local help to go the counter personally. What is BBMP’s plans?

  21. I am unable to pay my property tax for the year 2021-22. It goest to first page with formV automatically. After filling correspondence address details and clicking on moving to next page. it is not moving further to second page and is coming out.
    Raised Complaint Ticket: Aro60-50-9-3492 on 4th April,2012. No response yet and it shows status as ‘In-Process’. Need to resolve this urgently to enable payment of property tax.

    • Please let me know how this was resolved for you . Even I am facing similar issue. I am unable to access form IV it directly goes to form V.

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  25. I have bren trying to pay my property tax on line sonce 2nd of this month but unable to do so beacause when i type my 10digit application number and my corrrct name remarks says NAME MISMATCH.SAME REMARK EVEN I TYPE PID number .WONDER WHETHER IT IS DELIBERATELY PROGRAMMED SO THAT WE DONT GET THE 5 PERCENT REBATE .I called bbmp tax help line and reoly to check with concerned ARO. CONTACTING ARO NO PROBLEM BUT THESE DAYS PERSONAL VISITS ARE DISCOURAGED TO REDUCE THE RUSH IN ANY OFFICE.I HOPE THIS DONOT GET IGNORED AS USUAL BY GOVT. STAFF

  26. Iam unable pay my property tax , after entering SAS no and retrive it is asking owners name. After updating the it shows name mismatch. how ever in form IV it shows correctly. pl look into it

  27. Hi,
    Just wondering if this is a Glitch OR a functional change that BBMP Tax Portal doesn’t respond to Overseas Access, unlike it used to be earlier which was so smooth and easier. The Requests getting timed out after few mins.
    Kindly fix this issue asap or make an alternative arrangement, so that any NRI can pay the tax in/on time.

    Thanks in advance,

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    It was very convenient and we request the authority to look in to this and make it available for overseas Indians so they also can pay their property taxes on time.

    Thank you very much.

  29. I am trying to pay tax for 2021-22 Unable to pay the property tax on time. It was very convenient last year and we paid the tax on time. Kindly rectify and confirm.

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  35. FAQ on filing online does not exit while clicking on it gets error as under:

    Not Found

    The requested URL was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Kindly suggest & help.

  36. I am facing a similar problem of not being able to open the BBMP property tax portal from Singapore. I had no problems in the past and had also helped paying on behalf of neighbours in Bangalore who were not computer savvy. Anyway, I have emailed the Deputy Commissioner, Revenue on the issue. Hopefully, he sorts this out by this week. Understand, some of the staff are on Ugadi holiday mood and some are on election duties according to friends in Bangalore.

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    am trying to to the annual payment for my property tax, but cannot get through,
    previous years the access was easy and could pay on time,
    Requesting the concerned to rectify the issue so that we can access through Overseas,

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    I am unable to access the portal of BBMP outside India. Could you please fix this so I can pay the house tax on time. Thanks

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    Paid on 2nd April 2021 7pm
    Payu has successfully transacted
    Bank has deducted.
    Email sent 3 times
    Phone is busy busybusy

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