Bihar Bhulekh – Bihar Bhumi, Jankari, Kharsa, Bhu Naksha Land Records 2024

2024 Bihar Bhulekh: Bihar Bhumi, Jankari, Kharsa Land Records 2024. बिहार सरकार राजस्व एवं भूमि सुधार विभाग at

Bihar Bhulekh

Land recording is simplified by the introduction of new advance online systems. The Bihar state government has implemented a simple land record website portal. To help all Bihar citizens access past and previous records. The Bihar Bhulekh portal is a land record and viewing system launched by the Bihar state government. Bhulekh operates under the Central government National Land Record Modernization Program NLRMP scheme. The portal offers details on:

  • Land maps (Bhu Naksha)
  • Land transfer orders
  • Search cases status and tokens
  • Land mutation
  • Khasra, Jamabandi and Khatauni number
  • ROR
  • Landowner information
  • Crops and activities on the land.
  • Land type

Bihar Bhumi

Bihar citizens can use the link or to access all details online. This reduces the need to visit the land offices in the state.

Benefits of Bihar Bhulekh

  • All past and recent land records at contained in the portal.
  • The website saves time and cost of visiting various offices.
  • All records are genuine and legal.
  • Buyers can verify land details to avoid fraud.
  • All land maps are saved on the portal.
  • One can apply for any land document online.

Bihar Bhulekh
Bihar Bhulekh

Bihar Apna Katha 2024 Land Records

How to access Bihar Apna Katha land records

  1. Open the Bihar Bhulekh website portal (Department of Revenue and land reforms). “”
  2. On the homepage
  3. The menu selects the Apna Katha Dheke link to continue.
  4. Select your district on the map shown on the page
  5. Next select Mandal and town from the list
  6. The page will show the account name and the account holder’s name
  7. Enter the required details and click the search tab.
  8. The system will process the details and offer the land records on the screen
  9. Review the details and get a printout for reference.

How to Check Tribunal token status on Bihar Bhulekh Portal

Step by step to Check Tribunal token status on Bihar Bhulekh Portal

  1. Go to the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms website portal.
  3. Select Land Tribunal tab followed by Token status option.
  4. Key in the token number and click the search button.
  5. The status will show on the screen.
  6. The user can download or get a printout for reference.

Minimum Value Register MVR

Bihar state uses the Minimum Value Register to estimate the cost of land or plot in various locations in Bihar. Each location has different prices based on the value. Bihar residents can use the steps below to get MVR.

How to Get MVR in BIHAR

  • Open the official website page.
  • On the menu, key in the following details: Registration office, circle name, Thana Code and land type.
  • The system will provide the MVR on the screen.

How to Check Bihar Bhu Naksha online

Check Bihar Bhu Naksha online

  1. Visit the Bihar Bhulekh website page.
  3. Next, key the following details:
    • District
    • Sub-division
    • Circle
    • Mauza
    • Land type
    • Sheet
  4. The user can view the details on Khasra to get information such as plot number, owner’s name, Khasra number, joint owners, caste, etc.
  5. The system will also show map report and ROR report

Bihar Land Records District Wise ROR

  1. Navigate to Bihar Land Records website page link
  2. Open the Bihar map indicating districts.
  3. Select your district to get the map and areas in the district.
  4. Choose the village and the required details on the page.
  5. To retrieve the details enter the first letter of your village and click to get the information.
  6. You can also get Mauja using the Khasra number or account number.
  7. To get landowner details to click on the tab to get the table.
  8. Bihar Residents can check any details from the website.

How to Download Bihar Bhulekh APP

The Bihar government has launched a Bihar Bhulekh mobile apt to help citizens access land records on mobile phones.

  • Go to your Google Play Store app and search for the Bihar Bhulekh app.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Now enter the mandatory details to acquire any land detail.
  • Use the can access Khatauni, land Khasra, EC and more.


  1. Who can access the Bihar Bhulekh online page?

    All Bihar citizens can access the page to check the land records.

  2. What is the primary purpose of the Bihar Bhulekh website?

    The online portal was designed to help Bihar citizens get all land records on one platform.