How to Cancel Order on Meesho, Meesho Order Cancel Process

Fast procedure to Cancel Order on Meesho: How to Cancel Order in Meesho After Shipped. How to cancel order on meesho before delivery, if it is shipped. Get Meesho order cancel number given below. मीशो पर आर्डर कैंसिल कैसे करें


Physical shopping is tiring and limited as buyers are only exposed to a few shops. To avail multiple products, one must visit different stores, a time-consuming task. To curb the frustration, the tech industry has offered people globally the opportunity to shop from the comfort of their homes and country. Today anyone can ship products from another country within days. This applies to shopping from your country and getting same-day delivery services.

India is leading tech innovation as many e-commerce sites are emerging to provide residents with online stores. Indian citizens can do grocery shopping, household products, vehicles, clothes, and other shopping through their mobile phones. The internet provides accredited platforms like the Meesho app/portal for easy purchases.

What is Meesho?

Meesho app is described as a lifesaving online app, the best online store, an e-commerce site, and more. Each user explains Meesho based on their experience. However, the Meesho app is a famous online e-commerce or social commerce portal. The platform helps people to resell their products online.

Buyers can search for different such as fashion/lifestyle products (men’s and women’s clothes, electronics, jewelry, shoes, etc.) Meesho app is significant to women who want to conduct business from home as they don’t need a physical store. The app is also popular with students seeking extra funds for their studies and lifestyle.

Note, Meesho allows buyers to purchase products directly from the sellers. Once the deal is sealed, Meesho picks the product from the seller and delivers it to the buyer. This means the products don’t have Meesho branding. However, the app will collect the funds and send the correct amount to the user’s bank account.

Meesho Par Order Cancel Kaise Kare in Hindi

how to cancel order on meesho
How to cancel meesho order after shipped in malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada etc..

Canceling Order on Meesho

It’s possible not to like your order or get the wrong product due to a few mistakes. Meesho app has policies that guide buyers as sellers on refunds and order cancellations. Buyers should check their purchases before making a final decision.

Canceling an order is quite different from a refund; once the product is dispatched, it is challenging to cancel the order. For a refund or replacement, Meesho accepts a product if it’s the wrong color, size, or shape, not the right product, or has a defect. However, the user must check it before receiving and requesting a return.

Guide on How to Return Product on Meesho visit this link

How to Cancel Order on Meesho

Steps to cancel an order on Meesho

The Meesho advises the user to cancel the order before dispatch; one can check online whether their order is shipped or not.

  • Go to the Meesho app/ website or app on your device.
  • Login to your account and select the “orders” tab.
  • Next, five options will show; click the “orders” button to proceed to a new page.
  • Click the “cancel order” option to get order details on the screen.
  • If satisfied with the cancellation decision, enter reasons for canceling the order.
  • One can select the reason from the page.
  • Next, click “cancel product” to complete the request.
  • The canceled order will show pink color to indicate canceled.

Meesho Customer Care

Meesho account users can also call the customer care desk to cancel their orders. One can call the number +918061799600 to request a cancellation. It’s also easy to send an email to

How to Cancel Meesho Order After Shipped

  1. Can I cancel a shipped order?

    Meesho doesn’t accept cancellations for already dispatched orders. However, one can call the helpdesk for an inquiry.

  2. How will I know if the order is canceled?

    The user can check on their account by visiting the “order tracking” section to check canceled orders.

Meesho Order Cancelation Policy link