CCLA Telangana Adangal, 1B, Pahani & ROR 2024 at

CCLA Telangana Pahani / Adangal, 1B, ROR, TS Land Records status check 2024 for free of cost. CCLA Telangana Adangal, 1B, Pahani & ROR 2024 at (Maa bhoomi).


Telangana state government started a unique and beneficial initiative of digitalizing all land records. The government implemented a new online system where citizens can access their land details directly. It’s a move embraced by all Telangana citizens; they can recover all past land records from the portal without visiting the state’s land offices.

CCLA Telangana is the official and legal website that holds all Telangana land records. Landowners need to login to the official page and access the details; they can download and print the document for future reference the portal works under the Revenue department, the chief commissioner of land administration, Government of Telangana. Citizens can check the record online using the CCLA or the integrated land record management system ILRMS.

CCLA Telangana

Services provided at the CCLA TS web portal

  • Application for Pahani/Adangal.
  • Citizens can view the Pahani details and status.
  • Information on land records and survey numbers.
  • They can view the ROR-1B
  • Village ROR-1B details
  • All rural area maps.
  • Learn about the integrated land parcel search.
  • Filing complaints and correcting errors made on the land documents.
CCLA Telangana
CCLA Telangana

Check Telangana 1B, Pahani / Adangal, ROR at CCLA

How to check the Telangana Pahani, Adangal, ROR-1B?

  1. Navigate to the official CCLA Telangana (Maa Bhoomi) website page.
  2. On the homepage and the menu, click on the tab “your Pahani” to view the details.
  1. Next, the page will request you to enter your account number, survey number, or Aadhaar number.
  2. Proceed and select the district name, Division name, Mandal zone name of the village the land is located. All these options are provided on the menu list click on the right option to receive the correct details.
  3. Select Khata No (or) Survey number
  4. Click on the Pattadar name; the option will open a new page with information about the land you requested
  5. Now select the print option to have a copy for reference.

View Village Pahani on the CCLA Telangana Web Portal

The CCLA Telangana (Maa Bhoomi) web portal has various services, such as viewing village Pahani. Citizens can observe details directly using the official web portal using the following steps:

  1. Go to the official Maa Bhoomi web page.
  2. On the menu, click “Pahani” select the Grama Pahani to view village details.
  3. Next, enter your zone name, district name, and village name from the drop-down list.
  4. Recheck the details then click on the blue button/submit button on the screen.
  5. The portal will show the village Pahani details, print the document for reference.

TS ROR-1B (Record of right)

ROR is a legal document in the land-related details; the document indicates ownership of property or land. It’s a unique document different according to the village. ROR document has a lot of information such as:

  • Khata number
  • Survey number
  • Father’s name
  • Name of the Khatadar and the extent held by the Khatadar.
  • Revenue details
  • Land classification.

How to Apply for ROR 1B in Telangana

The landowner can apply for ROR 1B from the Meeseva center; the applicant needs to have all required land documents and also a fee of Rs.25.

How to Check TS 1B ROR online at CCLA Telangana

  1. Navigate to the official CCLA Telangana website page
  2. On the menu select 1B followed by “your ROR 1B to view your ROR details
  3. Enter your account number/survey number/Aadhaar number on the space provided then proceed,
  4. From the drop-down list, select the zone name, district name, and village name.
  5. Select the blue button/ submit button.
  6. The system will send all ROR details on the screen; the applicant can also check information on Encumbrance and market value from the same site.

How to Check TS Maa Bhoomi Tippan

  • Visit the official website page, on the menu click on Tippan option.
  • Next, enter a few details as a request by the page, the zone name, district name, and village name.
  • Proceed and enter the survey number and click on the submit button.
  • A new page will reflect showing Tippan details; you can download and print for reference.

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