Covaxin vs Covishield Which is Better | Covid-19 Vaccines Doses, Efficacy rate, Side effects and Price

Covaxin vs covishield which is better: Covid-19 Vaccines Covishield VS Covaxin: Doses, efficacy rate, side effects and price more at

Covid-19 Vaccine

Covid-19 vaccine campaigns are rampant as governments, health organizations, and departments advocate for the vaccine. People are advised to take the vaccines to help fight this global pandemic and boost their immunity. There are several vaccines generates, some at the pilot levels while others are already certified. The Indian government has verified and approval two types of vaccines Covishield and the Covaxin vaccines.

The government initiated vaccination programs where citizens took the vaccine in phases. Today everyone is eligible to take the Covid-19 vaccination both at private and public hospitals. However, individuals are advised to state any health issues before immunisation. Kids and teenagers are yet to take the vaccine, a move that will be announced later.

The vaccination practice is highly embraced, with millions of residents turning up for the vaccine. However, there is confusion on the best vaccine or what difference does the Covishield and Covaxin possess. Note both Vaccines offer excellent protection; only slight differences are found. It also depends on the user’s preferences.

Covaxin vs Covishield

About Covaxin and Covishield vaccines

  1. Covaxin

    A Covaxin is a famous Indian vaccine developed to help fight the deadly Covid-19 virus. It was developed by Bharat Biotech International Ltd in collaboration with NIV and ICMR. Covaxin uses the Vero cell-derived technique to produce the vaccine.

  2. Covishield

    The Covishield vaccine is a development of Oxford-AstraZeneca. The vaccine is designed to help boost immunity and fight the Coronavirus. The Serum Institute of India is certified and approved to manufacture the Covishield vaccine. The vaccine uses the Viral Vector platform to create the Covid-19 vaccine. Oxford utilized the same facility to develop Ebola vaccines which were effective.

Covaxin vs Covishield Which is Better

Covaxin vs Covishield Which is Better
Covaxin vs Covishield Which is Better

Efficacy Rate

Before launching any vaccine, the producing bodies and global health organizations need to verify the vaccine. The vaccine goes through several trials to ensure it works and no immersive side effects are experienced.

  1. Covishield

The Covishield vaccine offers better results on efficacy rate after many trials and successful administration. The efficacy rate is about 90% which is a good figure and keeps improving. According to different people, the Covishield vaccine is efficient by a rate of 70% to 90 %. This also depends on the person’s lifestyle, other illnesses and the Covid-19 measurements were taken.

  1. Covaxin

Covaxin has also shown a reasonable efficacy rate, especially in the third phase. Research shows an 81% efficacy rate. There are different trials on the dose, and with a recent study, the second dose offers an efficacy rate of 78% to 95%. This depends on the person’s lifestyle, diseases and covid-19 precautions.

Covishield and Covaxin storage

The two vaccines are easily handle based on room temperature. The Indian environment can accommodate the vaccine temperate, thus raising the efficacy rates of the vaccines. Covishield and Covaxin vaccines can work from +2 to +8, the average temperature for regular refrigerators.


The two vaccines are administered at slightly different prices. The Indian government offers free vaccination at the government hospitals in India. However, the vaccine is affordable at private hospitals also.

  • Covaxin

The Covaxin is administered to Indian citizens only. Individuals can access the vaccine at different prices based on the location or facility. Citizens booking at the government hospitals can get the vaccine for free. However, private hospitals offer a considerable fee. For example, the Apollo centre provides the vaccine at RS. 1250 while others offer at Rs. 1500.

  • Covishield

The Covishield vaccine is available in all government hospitals for free. The private hospitals administer the vaccine at a price that is lower than the Covaxin dose. For example, Apollo charges Covishield at Rs. 825 per dose.

Covid Vaccination Dosage

The two vaccines are offered in the same amount of 0.5ml. The dose is injected into the upper section of the hand. However, the gap between the first and second doses is different. Covaxin users should stay for 4 to 6 weeks to receive the second dose. For Covishield users, the gap should be 12-16 weeks/84 days from the first dose.

Precautions Before Taking Covaxin and Covishield 

The vaccine has various side effects based on the recipient body and health issues. It’s advisable to take the vaccine after a health checkup. People need to open up in case of their pre-existing conditions to avoid severe side effects.

  • The user cannot take Covaxin in the first dose and Covishield in the second dose. Ensure to take the same type of dose.
  • One should be injected if they have contracted any illness such as cold or virus. The individual should wait until they are well enough to get vaccinated.
  • People with preexisting conditions such as diabetes, BP, Cholesterol, asthma, heart diseases and more. They should enquire from their doctor before getting the vaccine.
  • It’s also advisable to consult the doctor if you have regular medication.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women need to consult the doctor before vaccination.

Side-Effects of Covaxin and Covishield

There are few side effects such as headaches, fever, chills and more. The effects occur differently, and some people don’t experience them at all. However, any severe side-effects should be checked by a health practitioner.

  • Pain and swelling on the arm where you’re injected.
  • High fever and chills
  • Headaches and nausea
  • Body and joint pain.

The side-effects are experienced different, though they take 2-3 days or few days.

Doctor’s Intervention

The side effects take few days and disappear. However, in case they persist, you should call or visit your doctor. Ensure to provide the following details:

  • The date you received the vaccine.
  • The kind of symptoms
  • The medication you have taken.

After vaccination

After your first or second vaccine, you should ensure to keep up with the Covid-19 preventive measures. Individuals with only the first dose should visit for the second dose on the prescribed date.


The Indian central and state government have ensured to provide citizens convenient ways to register for the Covid-19 vaccine. The Cowin website applies to all Indian residents. Here they can access Covid-19 information fast. Note both vaccines are effective and available in government and private hospitals.

NOTE: For more official information about covid vaccination in India please visit this link


  1. What is the current age gap receiving the Covid-19 vaccine?

    Anybody between the age of 18 years and above can receive the vaccine.

  2. Can I receive both vaccines?

    No, the user must get one type of dose based on preference.

  3. covaxin dosage in ml

    0.5 ml

  4. covaxin vaccine dose in ml

     Each Single dose (0.5 mL)

  5. What is the Dosage of Covid-19 Vaccines (Covaxin & Covishield)

    The two vaccines are offered in the same amount of 0.5ml

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