Delhi High Court Case Status by Party Name, Case no, Advocate Name, Fir no

The Delhi High court case status check by Party Name / Case number / Advocate Name / Fir number. Delhi high court case status party wise 2024 at

Delhi High Court

The Delhi high court was officially established in the year 1966, October 31st. The court has seen many law seasons solving and maintain order in for millions of people in the country. An establishment of four sets of judges worked to ensure all cases were ruled accordingly.

Due to the number of cases, the court has expanded in introduced more judges to cater to the piling cases. Today the Delhi high court has 60 judges where 45 are permanent, and 15 are added Ref: The court deal with different cases presented each day. However, some of these cases might take longer to resolve, thus leaving them pending. The petitioner can check the case status from the online portal to learn how far and when the case will be heard.

Delhi High Court Case Status

The Delhi high court website portal provides information on the latest case status, whether the case is pending or disposed of at the high court. All details about a particular case are save in the court database. Here the petitioner or anyone who needs the case status has to retrieve from the court website portal. The database also holds details about daily orders. These orders will display on the portal/databases soon after the court signs it. One can access information on the status of their case using the following ways:

  • Using case number
  • The title and respondent/petitioner’s name.
  • Advocates name
  • Details from the lower court.
  • FIR number
  • The Act or type of case

The above are ways to check the case status respondent/petitioners are to use the e-court services portal and follow the steps below:

  • On the E-courts service, enter the: state, district, and court complex, which the case you’re searching belongs.
  • Enter the criteria from the list given on the homepage,
Delhi High Court Case Status
Delhi High Court Case Status 2024

Search by CRN number

  • On the menu, enter the CRN number example MHBU019999992020. Note the number shouldn’t have a hyphen or space.
  • Recheck the number to ensure its correct.
  • Enter the captcha code on the provided space and click on the search button.
  • The system will display the case status and full history of the cases on the page.
  • In cases where you don’t have the CRN number, you can use other options such as the party name, advocate name, etc..

How to Get Court Orders From The Portal?

  • On the e-court services portal, enter the party name, in parts give a minimum of three characters, or enter the full name. Example of party name Ram, jagan, Amir, you write Ram, Narendra in the petitioner/respondent box.
  • The party name can belong to anyone from the petitioner, complainant, respondent, etc.
  • Proceed and enter the year of the case, which is the case registration year.
  • Enter the captcha code on the screen to proceed.
  • Next, click on the go button, and in a few seconds, the system will display orders/judgments of the cases selected.
  • Select the order on the exhibit and take a copy of the judgment from the site to view the order.

How to Get Cause List From the Delhi E-court Services?

 The portal also displays the cause list where you’re required to enter details as follows:

  • Enter the state, district, and court complex of the cause list to be shown.
  • Now key in the entry from the court name list, here court name, judges’ name and designation of the judge for the displaying cause list.
  • Next, select the cause list date from the calendar.
  • Enter the captcha code to proceed.
  • Now click on the civil and criminal tab to show the criminal causes list of the selected court and the official date.

The services are provided by the court to help in getting information about your case. It helps learn when the case takes place also the status (pending or disposed) fast without visiting the high court.

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