EDMC Property Tax Online Payment 2023-24 | East Delhi Municipal Corporation Property Tax Pay

The EDMC Property Tax Payment Online 2023: East Delhi Municipal Corporation property tax 2020-2021-2022-2023-2024 pay at https://mcdpropertytax.in/ptedmc/findByName.php (or) https://mcdonline.nic.in/edmcportal/

EDMC Property Tax

East Delhi Municipal Corporation Property tax is valued as the primary source of revenue for any urban or local municipal authorities. The funds help maintain the city and pay the municipal employees. Every property owner should pay the allocated amount by the authority and avoid fines. The MCD of Delhi collects the property tax from the city property owners. These help keep everything in order catering for every service.

All Delhi property owners should pay their taxes to the East, North, and South Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The authority requires individuals to pay their taxes according to the zonal areas. There is then divided into wards and colonies. Ensure to learn your areas to pay the right municipal council. The East Delhi Municipal has two zones Shahdara south Shahdara North, which are divide into a zone, wards, and colonies.


EDMC Property Tax Online Payment 2023-2024 at https://mcdonline.nic.in/edmcportal/service

How to Pay EDMC Property Tax

The EDMC has set two legal ways to pay for property tax. With the online and offline methods, property owners can visit the ITZ centers and pay for the tax offline.

Online method.

  1. Visit the official EDMC website portal using the portal
  2. https://mcdonline.nic.in/edmcportal/service
  3. On the homepage, check the box to agree with the terms and conditions of the tax department.
  4. Next, select the option “click here to file property tax (year).
  5. You can choose to use the property id for tax paid in 2014-15 or any other years, then select “submit.”
  6. For users without property, id selects the tab “click hereto file your return.”
  7. This applies if the property tax hasn’t been issue before.
  8. The portal will open a new page with property ownership details.
  9. Enter all the required property details to proceed.
  10. Now compute the tax, then click the submit button.
  11. Enter the amount and pay the tax to complete the process.
  12. Next, click the tab “generate challan” the system will display the challan on the screen.

How to Calculate EDMC Property Tax

To arrive at individual property tax, the EDMC uses a “unit area system” to calculate property tax. They use the formula:

  • Property tax= annual value*rate of tax
  • The annual value= unit area value per sq. meter*unit area of the property –age factor-use factor-structure factor-occupancy factor. 

Due date and penalty

Property tax payment has a particular date set by the tax authorities—individuals who don’t make payments get hefty fines.

  • Property tax should be paid once before the first quarter or 30th June. Anyone who makes this kind of payment receives a rebate of 15% of the total tax.
  • If the payments are made later or past the due date, this will attract a penalty interest of 1% for every month delayed.

Offline property tax payment

Individuals can still use the offline method to pay taxes. One needs to visit the ITZ offices or cash counters in EDMC. Make the payments by providing your details at the counter. Provide the cash, and the officer will provide a payment receipt that has the property id. Keep the receipt for reference, especially the property id.

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  1. I have paid Property tax for year 21-22 in Sep 21. I got a message from the EDMC. However when I try to download the receipt, the web site does not show the option for yr 21-22. Very PATCHY WEB SITE. CAN THE MCD IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF THE WEB SITE

  2. Dear Sir,
    1.My property UPIC no. 01205589 B 6 A 8 W 03.Colony/ward/zone : MAYUR KUNJ / PATPARGAN / SHAHDARA SOUTH ZONE. Unfortunately i paid same UPIC no. 01205589 B 6 A 8 W 03. Colony/ward/zone : HARIJAN BASTI/PATPARGANJ / SHAHDARA SOUTH ZONE. Rs.583 / dt.19.06.21.Axis bank ltd. transaction id. 1624077817004.mode of online. Kindly my request to you that amount revert in my account.
    2. Now i am trying to submit house tax again then showing year 2020-2021 & not showing senior citizen rebate.
    3. Showing interest on late payment Rs. 154.00
    Sir please my help me & guide as a senior citizen.

  3. Struggling to pay online property tax. Have been making earlier payments by putting in property id and everything could be completed in 5 minutes.
    The current house tax is for 20-21 or 21-22?


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