F1 Visa: US Student Visa Requirements, Eligibility Criteria, How to Apply for F1 Visa

How to apply for F1 Visa – F1 Visa: US Student Visa Requirements, Eligibility, Criteria, the Application process. F1 visa Interview Questions

The United States provides the best education system globally. International students seek educational chances through scholarships or study slots to enhance their knowledge. The US allows students from various levels such as elementary, high school, and university to study at renowned institutions in the Country. To initiate the process, the student must apply for the preferred education center and follow a lengthy verification process to attain a Visa.

F1 Visa

F1 Visa is the Visa offered to an international student who seeks education services in the US. The Visa applies to all student levels from elementary to university level. Students applying for any course or level must acquire the F1 Visa to proceed to the next application and travel level.

F1 Visa Qualification

Before applying for the F1 visa, the applicant needs to fulfill specific criteria as follows:

  • SEVP Accepted Institution

SEVP means Student Exchange Visitor Program. The US has a list of institutions, schools, colleges, universities, and others under SEVP. The schools or educational institutions must meet the required conditions to admit international students. Students need to verify whether the respective school they are applying to is registered under SEVP.

Suppose the institution is registered, one can apply and send the requirements for verification and approval. Note the school has the authority to accept and reject the request.

  • Be Full-Time Student

To qualify for the F1Visa, you need to prove you’re taking a full-time course. The Visa restricts students from working unless permitted.

  • Ensure to have strong ties back in your home country

The international student must prove they are willing to go back home after their study period. An Individual should provide good reasons such as family, work or business and other strong reasons for a comeback. If the reasons aren’t convincing, it’s pretty hard to gain an F1 Visa.

  • Financial Proof

The student should show financial stability through enough funds in the account. You need to prove you can sustain your expenses and living without any struggles. There are scholarship programs that help lower the education cost. Which students can apply to ease the financial burden?

  • English Proficiency

The US requires international students to read, speak and understand English. They offer an English test and provide specific points. The test is referred to as IELTS or TOEFL.

Required Documents

  • A valid passport document.
  • Form DS-160 for non-immigrants Visa application process.
  • Recent passport photos (with US specifications )
  • A copy for F1 Visa fee payment.
  • Form I-20, helps indicate the funds required for your education and stay in the US.

Support Documents for Form I-20

  • A bank statement for the last three years.
  • Your Tax records for the past three years.
  • Payslip from the previous employer
  • Scholarship proof document
  • Payment of one semester or years tuition
  • Students being supported by people/relatives in the US. They must provide a Form I-134, affidavit, and bank statements of the person.
  • Student funding the education using a loan, they need a loan approval document.

Educational Documents

An international student must provide qualification documents to show their eligibility.

  • ITELS or TOEFL scores (standard)
  • Your original transcripts.
  • The acceptance letter from the institution.
  • Your previous school documents (degrees, certificates, or diplomas).

Health Insurance Policy for International Students

Students need to show proof of health insurance to gain the F1Visa.

How to Apply for F1 Visa

How to Apply for F1 Visa

The application process is simple as follows.

  1. First

    Acquire the admission/acceptance letter from the SEVP institution

  2. Next, get the DS-160 Form through the online website

    Proceed to payment process (application fee)

  3. First, pay the SEVIS I-901 fee

    Next, get an F1 Visa interview date.

  4. Now submit the F1 Visa required details as indicated above

    Finally, attend the student Visa interview.

F1 Visa Application Fee

The student Visa application fee is $ 160. Ensure to get a receipt since you will use it on the interview document. Note the application fee differs based on the country of origin.

SEVIS I-901 Fee

After admission to the SEVP institution, the school must register you on the SEVP system. The applicant needs to pay $ 200 for the process.


  1. How long does the F1 Visa processing take?

    Sometimes the applicants get the response immediately or after some days. The consulate can approve or deny you a visa based on the document or details provided. The F1 Visa process happens before the actual interview. This gives the consulate time to analyze the documents. However, the response is different based on region. Give the process a few days, and they will respond.

For more information visit this link https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/study/student-visa.html