How to Find LIC Policy Number By Name And Date Of Birth, Online, Offline, Statement, Receipt

LIC Policy Number Details: How to Find Lic Policy Number, By Name & Date of Birth, Offline, Statement, Receipt, SMS, Mobile Number. LIC policy details by policy number online 2024 at

LIC Policy Number

Ways of accessing LIC Policy Number: online and offline method, status check and policy registration process.

Long-term insurance investments offer a lifetime guarantee and financial stability. Insurance policies contain a large scale of life insurance, Term insurance, health insurance, endowment policies and more. This helps policyholders cover various aspects under one insurance provider. The LIC is an excellent example of an insurance issuer with different policies covering most life aspects. It’s popular among Indian residents offering high-quality services. LIC policyholders receive unique policy numbers to help in policy payments, and status follows up.

Policy number works like an identity that represents the policy holder’s insurance policies. Losing or forgetting the number might cause some challenges during premium payments or claiming insurance from LIC. To access the number, the user must provide policy details such as name, date of birth and more. The LIC system offers ways to retrieve the life insurance corporation policynumber easily.

How to Find LIC Policy Number by Name and Date of Birth Online

How to Find Lic Policy Number

How to Find LIC Policy Number

We have few options to Find LIC Policy Number

Offline method

The offline retrieval method is quite effective and offers safety on user’s details. Policyholders with active policies can visit the authorized centres or offices to get the policy details.

LIC Authorized Agents

LIC policyholders can visit LIC agents for any policy help. The agents operate similarly to the main branch. The agent will log in to the LIC website portal through the agent account and retrieve details on your active policies. You can get the policy number and clear any payments immediately.

LIC Home Branch

LIC has a main branch that is open to all policyholders and new applicants. One can visit the branch and request help from the branch officers. The respective officer will verify your details and identity. Once verified, they will search for your policy information on the LIC website. The user must carry their identity documents for an easy verification process.

Online LIC Policy Number Recovery Process

The Lic Policy number online process is only available for unclaimed policies for six months. The method doesn’t apply to active policies due to data security. A policyholder with active policies should visit the home branch or agent for help.

To Get Details on Unclaimed Policies, one can use the steps below:

  1. Go to the LICIndia website page
  2. To check the unclaimed and outstanding policy amount.
  3. On the homepage, enter the policy number, name, date of birth and PAN number.
  4. Recheck the information and click submit button.
  5. The system will generate information on unclaimed policies.

How to Check LIC Policy Details Online (New users)

  1. Open the LIC Customer portal website page.
  2. Select a new user to start the registration process.
  3. Next, enter the mandatory details on the registration form: policy number, email ID, date of birth, and the premium amount.
  4. After completing the process, the system will send a verification email ID.
  5. Click to verify to access the LIC website for policy details.

Get Lic Policy Number & Details for Registered Users at

  1. Go to the LIC India web Homepage
  2. Enter the login credentials: username and password.
  3. On the menu, click “view enrolled policies.”
  4. The option will lead you to the list of enrolled policies.
  5. Select the policy you wish to get the details of.
  6. The system will display the information on the screen.

To avoid losing policy-related documents, it’s advisable to keep the details in one folder. You can also have a LIC policy account to contain all your active policy information. In case you forget any information, you will log in and access the LIC details. To keep proper recording, always update your policy details such as mobile number, email address and others for easy follow up. It is also good to inform your family (spouse, children or parents) about the active policy with LIC.

If you are not registered with lic customer portal follow this link for registration online :


How can I check the LIC policy number online?

The LIC Company doesn’t provide LIC policy numbers through the online platform for security purposes. The service is available offline (agents or home branches). The online platform allows for unclaimed policy details and other services such as a status check.

How many ways to know lic policy number

1) Offline method 2) LIC authorized agents 3) LIC Home Branch 4) Online policy number 5) LIC policy details online

lic policy number search by name

No lic policy number search by name is not available in online. But you can get it by visiting your LIC Home Branch