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GHMC Complaint

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has the privilege of serving more than 7.9 million people in allocated areas (Hyderabad & Secunderabad). It’s a popular civil body that conducts municipal duties in Telangana State, India. GHMC provides multiple public responsibilities to ensure satisfaction of all city residents. The Corporation also offers fun facilities like swimming and games complexes to help sports fans enjoy various activities. This creates revenue and gives state residents leisure areas for family and friends.

Though contributing to the community, there are several defects that city and state citizens feel need rectification. The GHMC has developed a secure complaint online platform to help citizen send their grievances fast. The GHMC senior officials will address the grievances within a short duration and provide solutions. This eliminates the many visits to the GHMC offices or unnoticed complaints on social media platforms. People can access the online portal using their mobile or computer device anytime.

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GHMC Duties

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation caters to the following responsibilities:

  • Building and maintenance of roads, sewages, flyovers, and streets.
  • Building and catering for public municipal schools
  • Lights
  • Health and sanitation
  • Garbage disposal and street maintenance
  • Birth and death registration.
  • Helps in developmental projects in urban and rural areas.
  • Maintaining parks and public areas.

The Corporation receives complaints about services like stray dogs, buildings, sewage, cleanliness, etc. The GHMC authorities have established a portal and app to ease the process of handling everyday cases.

Common Grievances

  • Potholes on city roads
  • Stray dogs
  • Bad street lights
  • Illegal constructions
  • Damaged sewage
  • Bad drainage system
  • Tree cutting
  • Garbage collection.

GHMC Enquires and Grievances

Minister KT Rama Rao, head of Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA &UD), has established a contact helpline open to all citizens. The contact number will help address different issues related to the municipal.

  • Residents can call the number 040-21111111 to register their complaints.
  • The new system allows the complainant to close the complaint, unlike before.

The GHMC offers the following platforms under the official website

  • Calling Emergency Number
  • GHMC Twitter
  • Grievance Redressal System
  • Prajavani
  • WhatsApp  (9848021665)

GHMC Complaint Using WhatsApp

Individuals with drainage complaints can WhatsApp the details through the number 9848021665. Note, the Corporation accepts grievances anytime, not just during Monsoon duration.

  • Save the WhatsApp number and send complaint details. The user can attach photos and the location of the areas that need repair.
  • The municipality has a WhatsApp group open to all residents for easy problem-solving.
  • All six zonal commissioners will be part of the group.
  • After sending the details, the information is sent to officials for review. The authorities will take the right account and send feedback.
  • The group representatives (people representing the citizens) will inspect the areas and report whether drainage or other damages are repaired.

Grievance Contact Number for Stray Dogs

Straying dogs is also GHMC’s responsibility; however, it’s wise for dog owners to take care of their pets/dogs. This will help clear the animals from the streets. However, for the already existing dogs, the municipal will handle them to avoid distraction and attacks.

  • Concerned people should call the number 040-2111-1111.
  • Dogs are dangerous to people, especially children. To avoid any attacks, the GHMC will clear them from the streets.
  • The corporation is adding more dog-catching vans. They have 14 haves and aim to add 16 more to help conduct the operation quickly.
  • GHMC officers undertaking the process should check if the dogs have sterilization surgery. This is evident if the dog has a “V” mark on the ear; if so, they should leave it per the rules.
  • Suppose the dog doesn’t have the mark; it should be taken to the animal care center for surgeries and another checkup.
  • The animal care center will help with sterilization and vaccinations.

Tree Cutting Complaint

Hyderabad and Telangana citizens can complaint about tree cutting through the number 1800-425-5364. People who wish to cut down trees should have legal authorization to prune from the forest department. If one spots tree cutting, one should report and provide the location, ward number, and other physical details.

Illegal Construction

The Special Task Force, who works in different zones in the state, is responsible for any construction activities. They check for any illegal construction and also approve buildings. Citizens can report the constructions on social media platforms given on the GHMC portal and the TSBPASS portal

GHMC Complaint Online

Unauthorized Constructions/Layouts Information Management System link


  1. <strong>Can residents complaint in person?</strong>

    Yes, one can visit the GHMC offices to state their complaints. However, the corporation advises people to use online portals and social platforms to avoid crowding.

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    Telangana State Building Permission Approval & Self Certification System (TS-bPASS)

  3. <strong>GHMC Complaint Online</strong>

    Direct link: