HDFC Interest Certificate Download Form 16A/TDS Certificate From HDFC Bank

Downloading Interest certificate Form 16 A/TDS certificate from HDFC Bank. How to Download Form-16A, Interest Certificate for HDFC Bank

HDFC Interest Certificate

All taxpayers are obligated to file their income tax returns (ITR) for every financial year. The tax department has increased the filing timing for Indian taxpayers. This allows the user to search for correct documentation, such as interest certificates and TDS certificates. Taxpayers have till December 31 2023, to complete the filing process or face hefty fines from the Revenue department.

To access the TDS/Form 16A form and Interest certificate, one should request their investment Banks. The Form 16A or TDS certificate provides the user with tax deducted from the total interest paid by a specific entity in the financial year.

HDFC Interest Certificate

Interest Certificate

An Interest certificate contains details about the interest gained from the money saved in the bank account.Getting an Interest Certificate from HDFCBank or any other bank allows users to know their total interest accumulated in the financial year.

Requires Documents

  • An active and registered mobile number.
  • HDFC Internet Banking platform.
  • HDFC mobile banking app

How to Download TDS Certificate or Form 16A from HDFC Bank Online Platforms

HDFC bank customers can easily download their Form 16A and Interest certificate through the following methods:

  1. Using HDFC Bank mobile Banking
  2. HDFC Bank Internet Banking.

Download TDS Certificate Through HDFC Bank Mobile Banking

HDFC BANK Interest Certificate Download Form 16 A/TDS certificate through HDFC Bank Mobile Banking

  1. Open your HDFC mobile banking app on your device
  2. Enter the login credentials, customer ID and password.
  3. Next, click “menu” from the homepage
  4. Proceed and select “your profile” >”Tax.”
  5. Select the “TDS Summary and TDS certificate” tab from the option “Know Taxes paid or deducted.”
  6. Now download the certificate
  7. by clicking the “download certificate” option to continue.
  8. On the page, choose the financial year and quarter
  9. Recheck the information and select the “download” button.

Download HDFC Bank TDS Certificate Using HDFC Net Banking

Step by step Download HDFC Bank TDS Certificate Using HDFC Net Banking

  1. Go to the HDFC Bank Internet banking website page link.
  3. Enter your customer ID and password on the slots provided.
  4. Next, select the “Enquire” option followed by the “TDS Enquiry” tab.
  5. Proceed and click the “Download TDS certificate” button.
  6. Choose the financial year and quarter.
  7. Select “continue” option to get/download the TDS certificate.

HDFC Fixed Deposit Interest Certificate Using Net Banking

  • Open the HDFC Bank website page.
  • On the login page, enter your customer ID and password.
  • Next click “request” option >”Download interest certificate.”
  • Enter your account number, financial years and select the “download” button.

Offline Method

To acquire the Interest certificate and TDS certificate, one should visit the HDFC Bank branch. The Bank officials will review your details, such as Bank account data and produce Form 16A. Taxpayers using HDFC Bank can call the toll-free support number to access any information.


  1. <strong>What documents do taxpayers require before filing their income tax returns?</strong>

    To file your returns, you require Form 16A and an interest certificate. The documents are retrieved from the user’s investment bank or the bank with your fixed deposit account.

  2. <strong>Which methods should I use to get the TDS certificate and Interest certificate?</strong>

    The user can access the documents through internet banking, mobile banking or visiting the bank branch.