Check IDFC First Bank Fastag Balance Online

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FASTag or NETC program is an automatic innovation by the Indian government and National Payments Corporation. The facility helps Indian drivers pay their toll quickly without queuing at the toll plazas. The government has situated thousands of toll plazas centers in various points on Indian roads. The FASTag device is designed with radio frequency identification that automatically deducts the set charges. The FASTag sticker is placed on the windscreen for fast detection as the vehicle goes through the FASTag lane towards the toll plaza.


The IDFC First Bank is among the authorized banks to offer FASTag services in Indian. The IDFC First bank FASTag is a rechargeable tag that allows users to pay for toll charges and fueling services. The bank simplifies the process by helping FASTag users recharge directly from their Bank accounts. The online process helps save time and resources, thus reducing congestion at toll collection centers.

IDFC First Bank FASTag Benefits

The bank provides unique benefits to all FASTag users linked with IDFC First bank as follows.

  • The user can avail of 2.5% discount on toll charges.
  • FASTag facility allows for bulk upload.
  • Offers five years validity period.
  • Easy to convert local pass to FASTag
  • It’s easy to transact or recharge online.
  • Valid and detailed MIS supports all tags.
  • Fast way to avail the tags.
  • IDFC First Bank online website portal for customers.
  • Affordable charges.

How to Apply For IDFC First FASTag Online

The IDFC First bank has an open website portal to help customers access fast, reliable services.To apply for FASTag online car owners can provide the required details to complete the process.However, individuals with other vehicles need to visit the bank point of sale or bank branch for an application.

  1. Visit the IDFC First Bank FASTag website page link.
  3. On the menu, the application form will show.
  4. Enter your name, address, vehicle registration number, mobile number and email address.
  5. Next, click the option “make payment” select your preferred payment mode to proceed.
  6. After the registration email, the vehicle registration certificate copy to the email
  7. The system will send an application form and a list of KYC documents and send them to the same email.
  8. Once you submit the documents, the system will approve and activate the tag.
  9. The TAG will be sent within five working days to the indicated address.

IDFC First FASTag Balance Check Online

How to Check IDFC First FASTag Balance Online

  1. Open the IDFC First Bank website portal.
  3. On the homepage, the menu selects the FASTag customer portal.
  4. Next, enter the applicant’s vehicle number and click submit button.
  5. The system will generate the remaining bank balance on the screen.
IDFC Fastag Balance check

IDFC Fastag Balance Check

Few Ways to check IDFC First Bank Fastag Balance Online

FASTag Balance check using the SMS method

IDFC First bank offers alert services to customers who’ve linked their mobile number and bank account. The user can receive notification on any activity directed on the FASTag facility. The system will show information about the balance or any activity conducted on the tag

FASTag app service for balance check

The FASTag user can install the IDFC First bank FASTag application on their mobile device. After registration, request for balance check process. Ensure to enter your vehicle number to receive the remaining balance.

Checking FASTag balance using the toll-free number

The IDFC First bank provided customers with a toll-free number 18002669970. The number help users avail various FASTag services such as balance check and inquiries.

Balance check using mail

The IDFC First bank sends notifications to users’ email IDs. The user can check their FASTag details directly on the email.

IDFC Fastag Balance Check Number

IDFC fastag balance check Missed call number: The FASTag users can utilize the missed call service +91 9990243331 to avail the balance. The system will automatically disconnect and available amount sent via SMS.


  1. Who is eligible for the FASTag facility?

    The FASTag facility is available for every vehicle in India. The government has set different classes of vehicles that pay different amounts of FASTag.

  2. How can I pay for FASTag?

    The government and the National payment corporation of India have authorized several banks in India to conduct the FASTag services. The eligible banks offer both online and offline payment services.

  3. How does the TAG take after activation?

    The user will receive the TAG within five working days to the provided address.