Income Tax Refund 2023-24 Delayed Reasons, What to do, and ITR Refund Status check

Why income tax refund is delay this year in India 2023. How much time it takes to get income tax refund in india 2023. Income tax refund delayed Reasons, what to do, and ITR refund status check A22-23

ITR Refund

Refund is a common phenomenon in the income tax department. These happen when the taxpayer deposits a higher amount than expected. The tax department refunds the eligible taxpayers bases on the income tax Act rule, 1961 section 237 to 245. There are several instances where a tax refund applies:

  • If the tax amount paid is higher than the expected tax payable.
  • The TDS on salary, interest rates on securities, and dividends are above the regular assessment tax amount.
  • A taxpayer with assets that allow for tax benefits and deduction but hasn’t declared.
  • If a reduction applies to the tax amount, one pays after an error is resolved on the regular assessment process.

To request a refund, one requires Form 30 to process the refund. The applicant needs to provide proof documents. To indicate the income tax payments over some time. However, taxpayers without proof can use Form 30. The Tax department will check and verify your case. Once they settle the case, the refund will be refunded. One needs to request a refund in or before the end of the financial year.

What to do if the Income Tax (IT) Refund is delay

How much time it takes to get income tax refund in india 2021
How much time it takes to get income tax refund in india 2023

Actions to take if you haven’t received the IT Refund yet

  1. Open the income tax department e-filling website portal Link. or
  2. Enter your login credentials: user ID, password, and date of birth or date of incorporation.
  3. On the menu, click the option “view e-filed returns/forms.”
  4. Proceed and click “income tax returns” and submit the details.
  5. Next, select the acknowledgment number of the assessment year you wish to get the refund.
  6. The system will display the status of the returns. The applicant can access details such as assessment year, mode of payment, and reasons for refund failure or date of refund.

Types of ITR Refund Status

The taxpayer can receive different statements after checking the tax income refund status online.

  • No e-filling was conducted in the assessment year.
  • The refund is already paid.
  • No demand, no refund in the assessment year.
  • The ITR has processed the refund and sent it to the taxpayer bank.
  • Refund is unpaid
  • Demand determined
  • The applicant to contact the jurisdictional assessing officer.

Reasons why the Income Tax department hasn’t sent the refund

The tax department offers several reasons why they cannot pay or have delayed paying off refund demands.

  1. The Income-tax department may require more proof documents to process the refund. To solve the issue, you need to send the correct documents or call the respective officer. Once submitted, get the acknowledgment number for the subject.
  2. The department can reject the request if you still owe or haven’t paid your taxes. You need to recalculate the amount, pay off the debt, or prove why you are eligible for the refund.
  3. The refund statement is incorrect; the department will send you a notification for the same. The taxpayer should respond by providing the correct details and documents to support your claim.
  4. Any changes in the bank details, address, and contact details can affect the refund process. Ensure always to communicate any changes in your data to avoid delays.
  5. The request is under process: the department might be processing your request, or the IT department has already processed by the bank has delayed the process.
    1. To solve this, send your ITR-V form within the designated days (120 days) from the e-filling date of the financial year.
    2. The applicant can resend the acknowledgment number to authorities for processing.
  6. Suppose the taxpayer filed a return on a physical form instead of an online platform. The process will take longer compared to the online service.


My ITR Tax Refund was returned due to an address issue; how can I recover the refund?

To resolve the issue, you need to change your contact and address and add the correct details. After making the right changes, you need to request the refund again based on your current address.

  1. Open the official ITR e-filling website page.
  3. On the menu, click “my account” followed by “service request.”
  4. Click the type of request and enter “new request.”
  5. Enter the category as “refund reissue.”
  6. Key in the assessment year, PAN card details, refund sequence number, and CPC acknowledgment number.
  7. Next, enter the mode of refund and enter the valid bank account, email address, and other contact details.
  8. Now submit the details and wait for the IT department to process the reissue.

Why income tax refund is delayed this year in India 2023. how many days to get itr refund