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JIT Payment

A detailed guide on JIT Portal 2024:

A ready market is a huge challenge for many farmers worldwide, as many sell their products via brokers and intermediaries. It’s frustrating since the prices don’t match the efforts put in during the planting, cultivating, and harvesting. The middleman gets entire profits for just buying and selling at remarkable prices. Farmers incur losses, sometimes leading to debts from banks and financial institutions to try and cover various expenses.

MSP Scheme

The Indian central and state governments are investing in effective programs that help farmers gain complete benefits from farming. Agriculture is a major economic pillar, and boosting farmers means building the country’s financial stability. The MSP scheme (Minimum support price) is a government initiative established to protect producers/ farmers against low prices or biasness. The program is open during the crop sowing season of particular crops. This prevents farmers from getting extremely low prices for their produce. It’s a fixed price by the central government of India, protecting all farmers- producers during harvest seasons.


jit payment status online

JIT Portal

Registered farmers-producers under the MSP scheme are eligible for payment through the JIT portal. The platform allows farmers receive their payment for crop grains sold to different buyers. The Indian government, through various departments, uses the JIT portal to deposit financial aid for various schemes.

Beneficiaries can avail of warehousing fees, labor fees, handling fees, comparable fees, and crop payments. To access JIT portal services, one must register under the MSP program for easier transactions. Besides financial aid, farmers and other beneficiaries can access electronic facilities and farming equipment. JIT portal users can check their payment status and services online using a few steps.

Available Services on the JIT Portal

  • Labor fee payment status
  • Transport status
  • Warehouse payments
  • Loading and uploading payment status.
  • Management of payments
  • Company commission status.
  • JIT payment status
  • Society commission using EPO

JIT Portal Login

How to login to the JIT portal

  • Go to the JIT portal jitpayments.nic.in (or) http://jit.nic.in/login/default.aspx
  • Open the homepage and select the “JIT login button.
  • A new page will open; enter your username and password.
  • Next, key in your captcha code and press the login button.

JIT Payment Status

Ways to check JIT portal payment status

Farmers can check the status using two methods as follows:

  • Using bank account number
  • Through farmer code.

How to Check JIT Portal Payment Status Using the Bank Account

  1. Visit the JIT portal.
  2. Proceed to the homepage menu and select the “check payment status through bank account number” tab.
  3. A new page will open; click the year, Ravi, and Kharif season.
  4. Next, enter your bank account number and press the “track payment status” button.
  5. The system will generate the payment status of the farmer on the screen.
  6. The user can press the “view option to get more details on the payment.

JIT Payment Status Using Farmer ID

Steps to check the JIT payment status using farmer ID

  1. Navigate to the JIT portal and press the “check payment status using farmer ID/ code” tab.
  2. Next, click the “farmer payment status” tab.
  3. Enter the year, Ravi and Kharif season to proceed.
  4. Proceed and enter your 12-digit farmer ID/ code.
  5. Verify the details using the captcha code and press the “view” option.
  6. The payment status will display on the screen.

How to Recover/ Reset JIT Login Password

To avail a forgotten password, the JIT portal user should use the following steps to recover or create a new one.

  • Visit the JIT login portal.
  • Direct link: http://jit.nic.in/Login/Public/RequestPintwo.aspx
  • Proceed to the “forgot password” option on the homepage.
  • A new page will show, enter your username and registered mobile number.
  • Next, enter the captcha code and press “request PIN” to avail new password.


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  2. What is the JIT portal?

    JIT portal is a legal online platform designed by the central government of India to help pay and provide financial aid to eligible farmers. The government pays for various crops via the portal.

  3. JIT full form?

    Just In Time (JIT)

  4. JIT Portal login