How to Download LIC Premium Paid Certificate For Income Tax

How To Generate LIC Premium Statement For IT Returns LIC Premium Paid Certificate for Income tax purposes.

LIC Premium Paid Certificate

The LIC premium paid certificate: Insurance policies help cover applicants from particular occurrences in life. The policies are paid through different installments such as monthly, quarterly, or yearly. The payment documentation is quite significant to the user. The premium payment trend and documents help in income tax benefits, proof of policy payments, and more. LIC offers various ways for a policyholder to deposit their premiums. In the same way, LIC users can generate their premium paid certificate or receipts quickly based on the payment channel.

What is a premium paid certificate or receipt?    

Premium paid certificate is a legal document presented by the policy provider (LIC Company) to policyholders.  The document shows all the paid amount details in a particular financial year.  Premium-paid certificates are significant for income tax benefits (exemption). One can access and download the certificate from the LIC Website portal. The document is available the next day after clearing your premium amount.

Note premium paid certificate or receipt is a mandatory document in getting income tax benefits. This applies in the income tax Act section 80 C.  Premium paid certificate is available for policyholders using ECS and NACH payment mode.  Users paying premium through other channels get premium receipts.

To access the certificate or receipt, the user can use the following channels:

  • LIC agent
  • The LIC website portal
  • LIC branch offices.

The branch and agent mode may consume time but are effective for policyholders without an internet connection. However, for fast access, users can visit the LIC website page. One can also access details such as:

  • Policy status and schedule
  • Online registration and application process.
  • Loan status and claims history.
  • Information on LIC policies, agents, branches, and more.
  • Premium dates
LIC Premium Paid Certificate

How to Download LIC Premium Certificate/receipt online

New user registration

To avail of the certificate/receipt, the policyholder should be registered under the LIC website portal. This helps gain the login details (password and username). After the registration process, the user can log in and download the receipt.

  1. Visit the LIC website page and click LIC e-services under the online services link.
  3. On the page, click “new user.”
  4. Next, enter policy information, contact details such as email ID and mobile number, date of birth, Aadhaar number, gender, and more.
  5. A new page will show enter the username and password based on preference.
  6. Now you can log in and check premium paid certificate details.

LIC Premium paid certificate/receipt.

To continue user needs username and password details for easy access. This means the user should register to proceed.

  1. Open the LIC website page.
  3. On the menu, select the “customer portal” tab under online services.
  4. Proceed and click “registered user” from the LIC e-services.
  5. Now enter your login credentials: username, password, and date of birth.
  6. The page will present two choices:
    • The individual policy  paid statement
    • Consolidate premium paid statement.
  7. The policyholder can download a premium paid certificate for any of the options.
  8. Enter the policy number and financial year.
  9. Next, select the download premium paid receipt button.
  10. The system will generate the certificate on your device. Users can also get a printout copy to use as a hard copy.


  1. Can a policyholder get another/multiple copies of premium paid receipt?

    Yes, any policyholder can access the certificate through the download process. However, one must be registered under the LIC website portal to attain a password and username.

  2. Can I access a PDF LIC premium-paid certificate?

    Yes, the LIC Premium Paid certificate is generated in PDF format on your device.

  3. How can i get lic premium paid certificate

    Just follow the given above procedure to get download LIC Premium Paid Certificate For Income Tax returns purpose

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