MP Bhulekh Land Records Portal 2022 एमपी भूलेख, एमपी खसरा खतौनी नकल & मध्यप्रदेश भू नक्शा

एमपी भूलेख MP Bhulekh Land Record Khasra/Khatoni 2022 & एमपी खसरा खतौनी नकल & मध्यप्रदेश भू नक्शा at

MP Bhulekh

India focuses on digitalizing all the land records system to help landowners receiving information online. The Madhya Pradesh state is among the many states in India with an online land record platform. The Bhulekh MP is the official land online portal created to provide land information for the MP state citizens. All land information is contained in the portal, and no charges apply for the services.

Services provided at the MP Bhulekh

  • Sales deed details
  • ROR
  • Tenancy
  • Crop inspection register
  • Type of soil
  • Land activities
  • The shape of the land
  • Size of the land


How to View MP land records 2022 Khasra/Khatoni in MP Bhulekh

एमपी खसरा खतौनी नकल, भू नक्शा मध्यप्रदेश

  1. Visit official MPBhulekh website portal 2022 
  2. On the homepage, select your district and the Tehsil to get the required details. 
  3. On the menu, select the tab “choose” to view the details. Select the options:
    • Measles or map 
    • Field report
    • Type of land
    • Land records 
    • Crop details 
    • Measles number
    • The list of the account holder.
  4. Select any of the options to get the details. If you select the map, the system will direct you to the measles number. 
  5. Now choose to view the map by number, measles of the account, or measles map. 
  6. Now select the option Measles/map to view the map of the property. 
  7. Go to the official website and click district, Tehsil. RI, Halka, and village. 
  8. Now the system will display the map on the screen. 

MP Bhulekh Login

How to login MP Bhulekh Online

  1. Open the official MP Bhulekh website page 
  2. On the homepage, click the Login tab to proceed. 
  3. Next, enter your login id, password, and the department from the list given. 
  4. Enter the captcha code and then click the submit button. 
  5. Now you can access all the land records. 
  6. Users who forget their password should click the “forgot password” option.
  7. The page will direct them on how to acquire a new password.

How to check Land Property Documents at

  1. Go to the official MP land recording website page. 
  2. On the homepage, click the option “free services” on top of the page. 
  3. The system will show different options, such as:
    • Khasra/B-1/ map copy 
    • Bhu-Naksha
    • The village list 
    • A copy of the application form.
    • Downloads 
    • Data cleansing report.
  4. You can select any of the options to get full details. 
  5. The user can also choose to download the document and application form if required—the first login using the login credentials to proceed with the download process. 

एमपी भूलेख Land Mutation

A land mutation is a process of transferring property or land from one person to another. The process happens if the landowners want to sell the land or property. Other reasons for land mutation include:

  • Division of land. 
  • Selling/purchasing of land or property 
  • If the landowner donates land. 
  • The legal possession through succession or will
  • Death of the landowner. 
  • Leases 
  • Auctioning the land or property. 
  • Decree
  • If the government acquires the land.

All details about land mutation are described in the MP Bhulekh website portal. Buyers should ensure to check for land information before making any financial agreements. 

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