NDHM Health ID (PM Modi Health ID)- National Digital Health Mission 2024 Registration Online at Nha.gov.in

NDHM Health ID : National Digital Health mission Scheme. PM Modi Health ID Card 2024. Health ID registration online, eligibility, benefits at Nha.gov.in

Health ID

The health ID card is a nationwide digital health facility. Introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, It’s developed under the National Digital Health Mission scheme. The health ID card is open to all Indian citizens, not limiting any caste or religion. The health ID card will contain the medical data of the cardholder. The data is held online through the NDHM portal. No physical reports are required while seeking medical attention.


The scheme connects all doctors and health facilities to one server. All registered patients or applicants will receive a unique ID. The number will help in log in to the NDHM system and health ID card details. The government has set 500 Crores to fund the health scheme and benefit all citizens. The health scheme has beneficial features such as affordability, safe, convenience, fast and effectiveness.



NDHM Scheme Contains the Following:

  • Health ID
  • Personal health care record.
  • DIGI doctor
  • Health facility registry.
  • Telemedicine.
  • E-pharmacy.

Features of the PM Modi Health ID

The health ID contains:

  • Digital health records.
  • It’s easy to sign in and out.
  • Voluntary opt-in and out: you can choose to have your medical data online and choose to delete or opt-out.
  • Easy to the user interface.

The DIGI doctor is a feature in the NDHM scheme. Here doctors in the country have the will to register in the app to provide their contact details. The registered doctor can provide the digital signature freely while writing the form.

How the National Digital Health Mission Scheme Works

  1. The information on all health services and doctors is available on the app.
  2. If you download and register on the app, you will receive the health IDcard.
  3. Full details about your treatment, test, discharge, or any medical reports. It will appear on this digital platform for reference.
  4. Once you visit any hospital, the doctor can refer you to the online portal for records.
  5. The medical practitioner can view your details anywhere, anytime you grant them access using the unique ID.

The National Digital Health Mission Scheme Pillars

The NDHM scheme runs under several pillars, which will increase as the scheme develops.

  • Health ID/HID: the HID pillar is based on identifying individuals. It helps verify their health details and save the details across the digital platform.
  • Patient health record PHR:  this an electronic health record containing information about the patient.
  • Electronic medical record EMR web app: this is the digital patient’s chart containing a specific health facility’s medical and treatment history.
  • Digi doctor platform/doctor’s directory:
  • Health facility registry:it’s a single repository about the health facilities in the country.

Required Documents for Health ID Card

Every applicant must provide several documents while registering for the scheme.

  • Aadhaar number.
  • Mobile number
  • Address proof documents.
  • Health reports.

The NHA has created the best and beneficial health scheme. To provide better health facilities to all willing citizens in the country. The Ayushman Bharat has developed a health app for easy access.

How to Apply for PM Modi Health ID Card Application Form Online

Ayushman Bharat Card 2024 Apply Online

  1. Open the National Digital Health Mission scheme website portal https://nha.gov.in.
  2. Next, click the option “download NDHM ID app” on the homepage.
  3. Now open the NDHM ID app and select the registration form on your device.
  4. Enter your name and registered mobile number.
  5. Now click the Register button.
  6. The system will send an OTP to the mobile number. Use it to verify the information to proceed.
  7. Next, enter all mandatory details as the request on the application form.
    • Father or husband’s name.
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • And upload all required documents.
  8. Now click the submit button to complete the process.

The scheme was announced for the 6 union territories. For the rest of the state, the health scheme will be introduced gradually.

Generate Health ID through Aadhaar or Mobile Number

  1. Go to the NDHM scheme website portal via the link https://nha.gov.in.
  2. Select the option “create health ID” from the homepage menu.
  3. On the new page, click the link “create your healthID now.”
  4. Next, if the applicant ant to generate the healthID using the Aadhaar card. They have to select the Aadhaar card option.For applicants who want to use the mobile number, click on generate via mobile.
  5. For the Aadhaar card, enter the Aadhaar number, and for the mobile, enter the registered mobile number.
  6. The system will show on the notification center. Enter the number to proceed.
  7. Enter all required details and click submit button.
  8. The portal will generate your health ID instantly.

How to Login to your Health ID Card Using Health ID Number

  1. Navigate to the NDHM website page. https://nha.gov.in/#skip
  2. Proceed to the homepage menu and click the “create health ID” option.
  3. Next, click the “login “button, the health login page will show.
  4. Enter your health card number.
  5. The system will send an OTP number to the notification center.
  6. Enter the OTP on the space provided for verification.
  7. Next, log in to the Health ID page and access all the features and services.

How to Create your DIGI Doctor ID Using an Aadhaar Card

  1. Open the NDHM website portal 2024 at https://nha.gov.in/.
  2. On the homepage, click the tab “register.”
  3. Next, create the Digi doctor ID linked to the Aadhaar web on the page.
  4. Enter the Aadhaar number to proceed.
  5. An OTP number will be sent to the notification section. Enter the number to validate the details.
  6. Recheck the details and click submit button.
  7.  The system will generate your Digi doctor ID on the screen.

For applicants with difficulty registering or who need more information about the portal, they can use the toll-free number 1800-111-1477/14477 or use the email address ndhm@nha.gov.in


What are the benefits of the NDHM scheme?

The NDHM scheme is a nationwide scheme that holds different benefits such as:

  • The applicant won’t carry physical medical reports to any facility.
  • The medical data of all registered citizens are safe and easy to access.
  • It is efficient and time-saving.
  • The health ID is a positive digital transformation in the health sector.
  1. NDHM Meaning

    National Digital Health Mission

  2. Is it mandatory for everyone to register in the NDHM scheme?

    The scheme is not mandatory for the citizens. It works voluntarily, and one can opt-out if they will.