Peacock Remove From Continue Watching

Valuable Process to Remove Shows and Movies from Continue Watching in Peacock. Peacock Remove From Continue Watching. Peacock Edit From Continue Watching List. Process on how to delete continue watching on peacock.


The Peacock is a video streaming services platform owned and operated by Peacock TV, LLC, a subsidiary of NBCUniversal Television. It is based in the United States, and was established on July 15th, 2020. It offers a wide range of TV series, films, and content from third-party providers, including news, sports programming, and more. The platform is available in a free version supported by ads that have limited content. It also serves premium tiers, providing an extensive content library and additional NBC Sports. Users can download and watch movies and shows offline using Peacock.

However, peacock does not offer features to directly remove or delete items from the ‘’Continue Watching ‘’list. The continue-watching list on the peacock is deliberate to assist people to quickly pick up where they left off and track their progress in TV shows and movies. Users can also delete or remove series or movies they no longer want to see on their peacock using fast forward to the end. It helps people to clear the viewing history on Peacock and refresh all history shows and movies from the continue watching list.

peacock remove from continue watching
Remove from continue watching peacock

How To Remove Shows From Continue Watching in Peacock TV

Process on how to delete continue watching on peacock

Here are various methods users can use to delete the continue watching list on Peacock;

Forward to the End Method

You can simply fast-forward forward watching list to the end on Peacock based on the platform people are using;

 On TV

  • Use your remote and click the down arrow to bring up the progress bar on the screen.
  • Go to the end of the movie by following the left arrow until you get to the final moments.
  • Once you reach the end, the movie will be forwarded from your continue-watching list.

 Web Browser

  • Launch Peacock in your web browser on your computer.
  • Sign into your account to proceed.
  • Choose the movie you need to delete from your continue-watching list.
  • Tap and search the progress point all the way to the end of the movie.
  • Lastly, the movie will be removed from your list.

 Mobile Device

  • On your mobile device, launch the peacock app.
  • Enter the movie you want to remove from your continue-watching list provided.
  • Proceed by dragging the progress point or finding the bar to the end of the movie.
  • After that, the movies will be automatically removed from your list.

On iPad

Below is a simple process to delete a video from the continue watching list;

  • Select ‘’Featured’’ in the ‘’Peacock’’ app on your iPad.
  • Enter the film or television show sections you want to delete from the continue watching section.
  • Choose and press on it to continue.
  • Search and hit the film or Television show you wish to delete.
  • After watching the program, exist and let peacock start the ‘’UP Next’’ program.

2. Remove from Watch History

To delete a movie or TV show from your peacock account’s watch history, you can follow the steps given as it applies to all platforms;


  • Open the Peacock app on your TV.
  • Move to the ‘’My Movies’ section.
  • Select the movie or TV show you must clear from your watch history.
  • Choose the settings icon (*) and enter the ‘’Remove from my list’’ option.
  • Lastly, the selected media will be deleted from your continue watching list, you will can no longer resume from where you left off.

On Web Browser

  • Tap to open Peacock in your browser.
  • Enter into your account to sign in.
  • Progress to the ”My Movies ‘tab.
  • Press the ‘’Continue Watching’’ bar to display your queue.
  • Search the movie or TV show you want to delete from your watch history.
  • Next, choose the ”Remove from my list” option.
  • The watch history will be deleted from your peacock count on all platforms.

On Mobile device

  • First, open the Peacock app on your devices.
  • Sign into your account and go to the ‘’My Movies’’ section.
  • Choose the movie or TV show you wish to remove from your watch history.
  • Hit the menu button and then select ‘’Remove’’ or ‘’Forget’ ’option.
  • All deleted movies on your peacock account’s watch history through the mobile app will displayed across all platforms.

3. Select First Episode (TV Shows)

This method can be availed to TV shows only. Users can reset the continue watching the progress for a TV show on a peacock as mentioned below;

On Web Browser

  • On your computer, Sign in to your peacock account from your browser.
  • Navigate to the ‘’My Movies’’ section and choose the TV show you want to change.
  • Tap the ‘’More episodes’’ button from the list.
  • Browse the episode list until you get episode 1, and choose it.
  • Exit the media player provided on the screen.
  • The continue-watching features for the TV show will be restored, and it will restart from the first episode.

On Mobile Device

  • Launch the peacock app on your devices.
  • Visit to the ‘’My Movies’’ section.
  • Choose the TV show you need to reset.
  • Hit the episode button on the right side of the system.
  • Look through the episode until you find episode 1, and press it.
  • Exist the media player page and proceed.
  • The process will refresh the continue watching feature for the TV show on your device.


  • Launch the peacock app.
  • Enter the TV show you wish to reset on your TV.
  • On the right side of the video, tap the ‘’More episodes’’ button.
  • Browse the episode list and choose the first episode of the TV show.
  • Once the first episode starts playing, exist.
  • Lastly, the TV show will refresh on your TV.

Peacock Edit From Continue Watching List

Procedure to edit your ‘’Continue watching’’ list

  1. On HBO Max

HBO Max has a separate section from ”continue watching” that one can edit from a browser or mobile app. Here are simple ways to edit your viewing history;

  • Launch the HBO Max website in your browser and sign into your account.
  • Press the menu button on the right side and select the ‘’Continue Watching’’ option.
  • Hit the Edit bar from the Continue Watching section.
  • Proceed by pressing the ”Remove ” button from the titles you wish to hide from the list.
  • Key on the ”Clear All ”option if you need to delete all the titles and hit ”Done” to complete the process.
  1. On paramount+

You can follow the steps below to edit your viewing history on the paramount+ website;

  • Launch the Paramount website, sign in with your account, and search the Keep Watching List section.
  • Press the ‘’Edit’’ button on the right side of the Keep Watching list section.
  • You will be able to see circles on titles in the list.
  • Finally, choose the titles you want to hide and tap the ‘’Remove’’ button in the right corner of the page.
  1. On Amazon Prime Video

One can delete the continue watching list from the account settings section in Amazon Prime Video as shown below;

  • Go to the Amazon Prime Video Website in your browser.
  • Sign in using your account to proceed.
  • Press the profile button on the right side and select the ‘’Account and Settings’’ page.
  • After that, navigate to the ‘’Watch History’’ tab.
  • Search the movies or TV shows that you wish to hide
  • Hit the ‘’Delete movie from Watch History’’ or ‘’Delete episodes from Watch History’’ option.


  1. Where to find the watch list on Peacock?

The watch list is situated on the peacock website.