Permission For Film Shooting in AP

How to Get Permission for Film Shooting in Andhra Pradesh, India. Film permits, permissions, and paperwork in AP. Police permission letter for film shooting. Permission for Film / Movie Shooting in AP state at

Permission for Film Shooting in AP

A Comprehensive Guide to Seeking Film Shooting Permission in Andhra Pradesh

Indian culture is known worldwide due to its exemplary films. Their humorous nature captivates and steals the viewer’s attention. Through these films, positive results emerge as the actors inform and inspire societal changes.

 Shooting of films undergoes various processes, including seeking permission. In the Andhra Pradesh state of India, filmmakers can shoot movies and songs through organizations like the Film Facilitation Office. FFO facilities and promotes film shootings by foreigners in India. This ensures that the films meet the standards recommended.

permission for film shooting in ap

Documents Required for Film Permission Seeking Application                      

Documents uploaded in the application process include;

  • Aadhaar
  • Company registration certificate
  • GST number
  • PAN
  • Equipment details
  • Cover letter printed on company letterhead
  • Synopsis

Sections of Film Application Forms

The application contains three parts listed below and the required documentation needed to be filled in these sections;

  1. Production details
  • Title
  • Language
  • Address
  • Country
  • Postal code
  • State
  • Email
  • Production name
  • Contact number 
  • Pan number
  • Name of director
  • Upload synopsis is written in English
  • GST NO
  • Production category
  • The form you want to shoot
  • Company identification number
  • Production company name
  • Upload company registration certificates
  • Upload cover letter
  1. Line producer
  • Email ID
  • Contact number
  • Name
  • Upload PAN
  • Address
  • Individual service company
  • Upload Aadhaar
  1. Shooting details
  • Shooting location details; state, city, and place
  • Upload equipment details
  • Description of sequence to be shot
  • Cast and crew details; name, nationality, PAN or passport, and designation
  • Period of shooting
  • Additional shooting requirements like a crowd, police protection, animals, etc.

AP State Film Shooting Permission Online Application 2023

Online application 2023 for film shooting permission

  1. Make registrations on Andhra Pradesh state film development corporation through link
  2. Sign in to your account and progress to your dashboard
  3. Tap on the submit new request button to reveal the permission form
  4. Put down details of the production house and press the next button
  5. Fill in points in the producer/ applicant information section and press next
  6. Proceed to the fill information section and enter the details of your language, color, gauge, and category of the film and tap next
  7. In the artists’ information section, provide details of artists included in the shooting process.
  8. Press add row to include more artistes
  9. Continue by filling in details in the location information section
  10. Pay the caution deposit and submit your application
  11. Your application gets approved by APSFTVTDC, and shooting permission is forwarded to the concerned department.
  12. The department allows the applicants to complete their song shooting and film scenes.

Details Are to be Filled in While Creating an Account on the FFO Website

The details required on the Film Facilitation Office website include the following;

  • Full names
  • The production type
  • Nationality
  • Country
  • Email ID
  • Address
  • Postal code
  • Phone number
  • Town
  • State
  • The production company name

Request Online Permission for Film Shooting Through FFO Website

Online application for film shooting permission through FFO Portal

  1. First create an FFO account by using the link
  2. Key in the necessary details and the captcha code, and hit the submit button
  3. Using the link sent to your email, activate your account
  4. You will get a confirmation message informing you of the successful activation of your account
  5. Proceed to the username and password textbox and key in your email id and password
  6. Put across the captcha code given and hit the login button.
  7. On the dashed box, tap on starting a new application.
  8. Correctly fill in the application form to seek permission for film shooting.
  9. Continue by uploading the required document.
  10. Fill in the necessary details in the production details, line producer, and shooting details sections one after the other.
  11. Once you’re done the first section, production details, press next to proceed to others sections, do the same to move to the third section.
  12. Double-check your details and hit the submit button since you cannot make changes after submission.
  13. Your submission will be sent to the appropriate state of Nodal officer, and their contact information will be sent to you. In case of changes in your request, you may contact the Nodal office and communicate with them.
  14. The state Nodal officer of your region will contact you about your application process and inform you of the payment costs. If there is no response, contact the FFO office.
  15. Once permission has been granted, the Nodal officer uploads the permission letter in the FFO web portal.

Charges on Film Shooting Permissions

The producer pays a caution deposit which may be refunded after shooting completion. The cost of each category are as follows;

  • 1st category: INR 15000
  • 2nd category: INR 10000
  • 3rd category: INR 5000

The location permission fees are made to the state authority of the specific location. However, seeking permission in Andhra Pradesh via the A.P. department is free.

Points to Note Before Seeking Permission For Film Shooting in AP

  • Have a shooting location to increase the chances of gaining permission.
  • Consult with the Animal Welfare Board of India to film with animals.
  • You should apply for permission to shoot films with an International co-producer.
  • Consult the Directorate General of Civil Aviation if you require aerial drone shooting.


  1. <strong>What are the contact details of the Nodal Officer?</strong>

    You can contact the Nodal officer using the mobile number; +91 9121144095 or by using the email address;

  2. <strong>FFO Full Form?</strong>

    Film Facilitation Office (FFO)

  3. AP Full Form?

    Andhra Pradesh (AP)

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